Damages of electric heaters to human health

Damages of electric heaters to human health, with the onset of that cold weather, everyone resorts to using heaters in order to obtain a warm atmosphere inside the house, and that option is the best option for everyone, but it is noted that the presence of the heater in the house is a double-edged sword even though it is It may be considered appropriate in many cases in order to avoid temperatures that are low, but at the same time it is considered a risk factor that controls human health, so you must be careful that the heater is at a distance of about 3 feet from you or from where you sit and be far away Also, close any flammable materials, such as curtains or other flammable materials.

Damages of electric heaters when sleeping while operating: –

Poisoning: –

  • Damages of electric heaters The body is exposed to poisoning, among the damages that may be caused by heaters is that they may increase the chance of human exposure to poisoning by inhaling carbon monoxide.
  • It is a gas that is colorless, as well as that gas that is also odorless and is released by burning the fuel that is used in heaters.
  • Therefore, if all of these gases in the air are not exhausted in general, it can infect humans with many health problems that may eventually lead to death immediately.

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The heater may cause a person to dry out in the air:

  • Also, one of the side effects caused by the heater is that it may cause many diseases, because the function of the heater helps to heat the air inside the house.
  • Thus, this may lead to a decrease in the degree of humidity that is present in the air, thus making the air completely dry, and when a person breathes this dry air, it may lead to many disorders that affect the human respiratory system such as asthma as well as bronchitis and others. Other diseases.
  • Also, whenever you are exposed to dry air, this may lead to infection by entering the dust into the mucous membranes area that is moist, and thus this infection results.
  • As well as various infections, which makes the infected person more vulnerable to infection with those diseases that are contagious.
  • And the lack of moisture in the air makes the skin more susceptible to infection, because of many damages, the problems of the winter season, which is called dry skin, are common among many people.
  • Rather, that moisture that is not present in the air may lead to the evaporation process of the tears in the eye, and thus it becomes difficult for the eye to maintain the degree of balance of the moisture in those eyes.

Exposure to electric shock injury: –

  • It is known that all types of electrical appliances may cause injury by electric shock, and one of these devices that cause electric shocks are heaters.
  • This occurs as a result of a malfunction in the wires of the heater and also occurs as a result of incorrect use of heaters, or other electrical devices, and also the presence of many manufacturing defects in various types of electrical appliances.

Exposure to heaters may cause burns:

  • When going to bed, you have to be careful to make sure that there are no flammable materials, and be near a heater that is turned on to get warm in the winter.
  • Among these materials that are flammable are curtains, as well as clothes and many other materials that are flammable.
  • And you must make sure that it is not near the heater or above the heater, because it may lead to many burns, God forbid.

The heater exposes you to a weakened immune system: –

  • When resorting to sleeping in the heater, the gas in the heater will lead to many health dangers to human health, and these dangers may affect the person who is in good health.
  • It may also affect people with some diseases because it helps weaken the immune system very much.
  • Consequently, it may lead to infection with some diseases, such as asthma, allergies and other diseases that affect humans, and if a person is exposed to continuous gas coming out of the warmth, it may lead to a person being affected by fanaticism and thus may suffer reactions that are negative in all situations.

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Instructions that you must follow when using the heater: –

  • You have to be careful not to place the heater anywhere that is too close to those pieces of furniture that you have in the house.
  • Thus, be careful not to place clothes or any flammable fabrics near the heaters.
  • It is also preferable that you do not allow, whether children or pets, to sit near the heater, or on the heater, so that they are not exposed to many dangers.
  • And if you use gas heaters, you should notice if a pungent smell comes out or not, and if this smell appears, you must immediately stop using the heater, and close it immediately so as not to lead to many damages.
  • Also, if you use gas heaters, you must make sure that there is a place in the room where fresh air can enter, so that you can renew the air in the room during the operation of the heater in general.

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In the end, heaters are among the factors that help to have a warm and beautiful atmosphere in the house, especially during the cold winter season, but they may be useful if we know the damages of electric heaters, and we used them safely and very carefully and in all cases be careful not to sleep while operating Heaters so that you do not get many dangers, don’t like and refer to the article.

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