Damage to sweets on the children’s body

Damage to sweets on the body of children, sweets and the contents of sugars and multiple nutrients, is one of the important sources of children’s food, as it provides them with the sugars and nutrients that their bodies need.

But the matter may be reflected in the event that children increase the consumption of many different types of sweets, more than what the body needs, as this may lead to children becoming infected with many diseases, and in this article we will talk about the harms of children eating more sweets.

Damages caused by excessive intake of sweets to the children’s body: –

Although sweets and sugars are very favorite foods for most children, as children prefer sweets and sugars of all shapes and types, over many other useful foods.

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Although sweets are an essential source of energy that the child’s body needs, the excessive intake of sweets and sugars in all their forms may have a negative impact on the child’s health and cause many damages, including the following: –

1- Dental caries: –

  • Dental caries is a common disease that usually affects children, due to the excessive intake of sugars and sweets in general, without paying attention to washing the teeth well afterwards, using toothpaste intended for children.
  • As the accumulation of food residues on the teeth and their adhesion to them, leads to the emergence of types of bacteria inside the mouth, as these bacteria secrete acid, which leads to infection of children’s teeth with severe decay, and other dental diseases.
  • This, in turn, causes many damages that the child suffers, such as: severe dental pain, bad breath, and sometimes losing teeth, and the inability to compensate them.
  • This is in addition to the great financial cost that the child’s family may have to bear in order to treat their child’s damaged teeth.

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2- Loss of magnesium and calcium in the body: –

As the increase in the percentage of sugars inside the body negatively affects the body’s ability to carry out the process of absorbing some vitamins and minerals.

This leads to the body losing some of the elements and minerals essential to building it, such as: magnesium and calcium, which are very important minerals, which the child’s body needs greatly.

As magnesium plays an essential and effective role in building the protein that the child’s body needs, and it also makes enzymes, builds and shapes teeth and bones, in addition to transmitting nerve impulses.

As for calcium, it is known to be very important for the strength of bones and teeth, as it activates enzymes, regulates heartbeat, and also helps in the blood clotting process that accompanies the occurrence of various wounds in the body.

3- Obesity and diabetes: –

The risk of obesity and diabetes in children is very high when consuming more sugars and sweets in general, so the more sugars the child eats, the greater the child’s risk of diabetes.

The high fats and calories found in sweets may lead to obesity and weight gain, which has spread widely among children and young people in recent times.

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4- Sweets additives have a harmful effect on children: –

In addition to the many sugary and fatty substances that sweets contain, but they also contain many additional substances, which lead to excessive intake of them, to severe harm to the health of children.

Such as: artificial flavors, caffeine of all kinds, as well as colorings, which have spread widely in various types of sweets.

Excessive intake of such substances affects the integrity of the children’s nervous system, and leads to their permanent tension, and the inability to sleep normally.

It may also cause an imbalance in the child’s heart rate, which becomes greater than the normal range, which negatively affects the child’s general health.

5- Children have an increase in motor activity: –

Some international studies, which were conducted on children, who eat more sweets than usual, showed that the increased consumption of sweets and sugar materials, usually affects children with an excessive increase in their motor activity.

Simultaneously, the child’s mental abilities decrease significantly, and he loses the ability to concentrate and pay attention well, which negatively affects the child’s ability to assimilate and achieve; And it reduces his level of intelligence, and thus affects his academic position, and his future in general.

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6- Harmful effect on children’s development: –

This is due to children’s intense love of sweets and sugary materials, and their preference for them over other nutritious and useful meals.

As sweets contain very high levels of calories and fats, and therefore when a child eats them, he cannot eat other useful types of foods afterwards.

Where he feels satiety and fullness quickly, and accordingly, his body loses many of the nutrients needed to build it, which it gets from eating useful and nutritious foods such as:

Kinds of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, eggs, fish, natural juices … and other important foods for building the child’s body, which hinders the completion of the child’s proper growth process.

Now that we have presented our topic, the harm of sweets on the children’s body, which can affect children due to excessive consumption of sweets and sugary materials in a large way, we hope dear reader, and dear reader, to avoid such harm.

By ensuring that our children eat sweets and sugars in moderation, in the interest of our health, and for their proper development, and we ask you, dear reader, to share the article with your friends so that the benefit is spread to everyone.

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