Cultural sayings and quotes about global cultural globalization

Cultural sayings and quotes about global cultural globalization, we will offer you cultural sayings and quotes about global cultural globalization because globalization has many concepts, and globalization has a great role in society in terms of economic and social terms, and it is the tool that leads to civilizational interaction between countries, so we will present to you some Words and phrases about cultural globalization.

Cultural Globalization: –

This type of globalization is the one that aims to deepen the bonds of cultural relations between societies and others. These societies seek to provide opportunities for peoples to exchange different ideas and quote some of them in proportion to their customs and traditions, and this type of cultural globalization may have positive effects and negative effects. .

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Objectives of cultural globalization: –

Cultural globalization aims at transferring different ideas, values, customs, traditions and cultures between countries and some of them, and the goal is to strengthen relations between countries through the exchange of goods and goods, which led to radical changes between civilizations and between peoples each other, as well as globalization has led to changes in the standard of living and thinking And make the world a small village.

Cultural sayings and quotes on global cultural globalization: –

  • Science and religion are never in agreement, but science and doctrine will not agree.
  • Reading your eyes is like reading the occult.
  • Whoever knows the secret of prayer knows that negligence opposes it.
  • Is it permissible to say that the West deprives us of science or technology?
  • Experience in science is a means to an end greater than it, while experience in literature is itself its original material.
  • The difference is very far between understanding the facts and being aware of the facts. The first is science and the second is knowledge.
  • Ignorance is better than knowing that does not save you from yourself.
  • What science exposed to the gaze of the West is less human, but they admitted that it was more consistent and coherent.
  • A good ruler is someone who cultivates knowledge in the space of his people, in order to reap his future survival.

The sayings of philosophers on cultural globalization: –

  • The sciences of nature are the small sciences, while religion is the great science that includes in its core all sciences.
  • The trust in knowledge, as you know, is very heavy, and only the strong can rise up with it, and they are few.
  • Woe to the seeker of knowledge if he is satisfied with himself.
  • Knowing that if you raise the white flag of a tyrant … he will soon kill you.
  • We read in order to move away from the point of ignorance, not to reach the point of knowledge, just as it is not in the interest of the guardian for orphans to reach their maturity, and it is not the aim of the tyrant for the parish to be enlightened by knowledge.
  • As I got older, I saw that I needed morals and knowledge and intelligence.
  • On the land of ignorance, exaggeration grows, on the land of passion sprouts delay, and on the ground of knowledge and impartiality, mediation is established.
  • Science does not grow through pallid answers, but rather through answers that raise more questions.
  • Sincerely the principles know the truth of fineness.
  • If guidance was by science alone, Abu Talib would be the first people to do so.
  • Scientific study should not know shyness about any topic covered by science studying.
  • Knowledge is its goal of truth, its means of thought, its tool of logic and art, its aim is beauty, its means of feeling, its tool of taste.

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Expressions about culture: –

  • A Muslim is one who knows that Islam is not similar to religions and is not measured against them, because it is a religion, Sharia, politics and morals.
  • Had it not been for Morjana and the children of Morjana, the Muslims would not have worked to put grammar science before other sciences.
  • Art is private knowledge, philosophy and science is general knowledge.
  • Duty is the basic term in ethics and interest is the basic term in political science.
  • Look for happiness every moment, if you do not find it outside of you, create it within you, and look for science, not truth.
  • Teaching is an art that has nothing to do with the amount of knowledge a teacher stores.
  • Pity today is forbidden by science.
  • Richardson taught Europe how to sleep in a dream, and Rousseau taught it how to think.
  • Sometimes the fall is not a sign of failure. When Newton’s apple fell, it opened the doors for us to discover a new science.
  • Science does not create the truth, it just finds it. The scourge of knowledge and understanding .. as well as the scourge of humans.
  • The proven certainty of knowledge and revelation may not be preceded by a scientific speculation narrated by a single hadith.
  • Any science distracts Muslims from their reality and prolongs thinking about it and working for it. It is ignorance, so know this well.
  • Half of knowledge leads to disbelief, while all knowledge inevitably leads to faith.
  • No upbringing with the ignorance of women, their isolation from knowledge and worship, calls for good, and Muslim affairs.
  • For whatever God gives victory to ignorance over science, and chaos over order.
  • Learn what you can be a prince, do not be ignorant, remain a captive, learn every day a letter of knowledge. You see all ignorant people as donkeys.

Beautiful words about culture: –

  • Create playgrounds for children in which they adapt to a good life under the supervision of competent guides, teach them that the power that governs the world today is not the power of an individual versus an individual or a sword against a sword, it is the power of science, industry and order. The right and the demonstration of ideals.
  • Science works on the border between knowledge and ignorance – without fear of admitting what we do not know – there is no shame in this, the only shame is the claim that we have all the answers.
  • Science works on the boundary between knowledge and ignorance, we are not afraid to admit what we do not know, there is no shame in that, the only shame is pretending we have all the answers.
  • Experimental science cannot solve the fundamental riddle of nature, and this is ultimately because we are part of nature and therefore part of the puzzle that we are trying to solve.
  • Science brings man closer to the Lord.

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Thus, dear dear, we talked with you cultural sayings and quotes about global cultural globalization and clarified the meaning and concept of cultural globalization and the importance of cultural globalization in our lives and put forward some words and phrases about cultural globalization and culture, we hope that the topic you like.

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