Crocodile dream interpretation of Imam Al-Sadiq

It is known that the crocodile is one of the predatory creatures that prey on humans in order to gain from it, attack it and eat it, so whoever sees the crocodile in his sleep may not be praised by this dream because it may indicate strange things, including troubles and surprises that are not good at all in relation to the dream, it indicates betrayal i.e. That whoever saw him in a dream indicates betrayal, whether from someone close to you or betrayal from you, i.e. from the dreamer, as the interpretation of the dream differs according to whom he dreams and according to the daily details that the dreamer performs in his life, regardless of these actions and whatever they reach, and here we will show an interpretation The vision of the young man and the single girl, especially the married and pregnant woman and the man, please follow up.

Interpretation of a dream about a crocodile in a single girl:

  • Interpretation of a dream to a single woman may indicate treachery from one of her friends, whether at work or treachery in studies, because it varies in terms of form and location because the treacherous treacherous in various ways and without differentiating the matter, so here the single girl her vision is indicative of female friends of the same sex who are trying to treachery Out.
  • The vision of the girl may indicate the invalid man who lies in himself for her a lot of malice, and wants to see everything in her life by cheating and without knowing it, and here the vision is for one reason, which is alerting so that the girl takes utmost caution from this person or from Anyone who approaches her for the purpose of marriage or for the purpose of engagement and other forms of different closeness.
  • Crocodile denotes a strong and unjust man who wants to harm a single girl.

Interpretation of seeing a crocodile in a dream for a married woman:

  • If the wife sees in her dream that she kills a crocodile, then this is evidence that she will get rid of all enemies, whatever their strength and the injustice and tyranny that they inevitably do, and the vision becomes nothing but a preaching to the visionary that her enemies will disappear from her way forever.
  • Seeing a crocodile in a dream may indicate the exposure of this married woman or her husband to many difficult situations in the coming days.
  • These situations may be related to the husband’s work or the wife’s work if she works in any field, such as being an employee, for example.
  • If a married woman sees a calm crocodile in a dream, then this means that she will pass through psychological peace and psychological comfort in her home with her husband, in addition to that she will get rid of all problems in her marital life and change all her problems into joy and happiness for her and her husband.

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Interpretation of seeing a crocodile in a dream for a man and its meaning:

  • The man who thinks that he has killed the crocodile, this indicates that he is victorious over these enemies in his life, and gets rid of them completely, especially if it appears in the vision that he died after the killing permanently and did not breathe or any soul remains in him, here the interpretation indicates that these problems and troubles will not return in life The man again.
  • The interpretation may refer to the greedy man, so the dream is in order to inform the dreamer of his greed, and that he must give up this greed and return to the truth, if he is bitten by a crocodile, this means that he will be robbed or injured.

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The meaning of seeing a crocodile in a dream about a pregnant woman and its interpretation:

  • The crocodile in a dream for the pregnant woman denotes good, and the word good falls under it many meanings and situations, where good is in many different things, and if the pregnant woman sees this crocodile in her dream, then know that the interpretation of her vision is good and not the other way around, and she must thank God for seeing it because it contains preaching Good and not the other way around.
  • The interpretation of the crocodile’s vision of a pregnant woman may indicate her birth in peace, to mention that she gives birth to a male, so the vision is also interpreted in this case with good, as is the meaning of good if a pregnant woman saw a crocodile in a dream.
  • It may indicate that her birth will be easy and there is no trouble at all, and by supplication, God willing, good comes and she asks her Lord for safety from all evils.
  • If the wife sees that her husband is fighting a crocodile, then she knows that he will overcome injustice.
  • And justice will be achieved and therefore the oppressors will end their lives and no longer have a place for them, which results in a healthy and safe life.
  • Interpretation of seeing a crocodile in a dream for young people and its meaning:

    • The crocodile in a dream denotes the young man to the unjust man or the unjust merchant for himself and the people of his household, and this merchant or the oppressor may be the young person’s visionary and therefore the dream becomes its interpretation indicative of warning and taking complete caution and keeping away from injustice and injustice to others.
    • If he saw that the crocodile dragged him into water and then killed him, then this indicates that he will fall into the hands of a person who takes all his money and kills it, unless he says salvation, then he will be saved from it.
    • The crocodile in the vision may indicate fear, anxiety and a lot of anguish, unless this young man persevered in supplicating continuously and prayed to God, the Blessed and Almighty, to stop evil from him, bring him closer to good, and keep thieves away from him and those who eat people’s money in vain without fear of God.

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    At the end of our conversation, we have given you a brief overview of seeing the crocodile in the dream, and we learned together about seeing the crocodile from the side of a single girl or a pregnant woman, also for the young man and the married girl to the meeting with another interpretation. We hope that the article won your admiration, my followers.

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