Computer maintenance, software and hardware at home

Computer maintenance, software and hardware at home, is one of the important things due to the fact that caring for and maintaining the computer ensures that it continues to function as required in terms of speed and efficiency, and includes computer software maintenance, which means software maintenance and hardware maintenance.

Which also includes the maintenance of hardware parts in the computer of all kinds, so we will get to know that in detail through the topic that I will present to you today, which is the maintenance of the computer software and hardware at home, we wish you an enjoyable reading.

How to maintain the computer, software and hardware at home?: –

Continuous maintenance of the computer ensures early detection of problems that may hinder the work of the computer, as viruses are detected and removed, and unimportant programs that cause harm to the computer are removed.

The hard disk, or known as the hard disk, is the most important part of the computer, because its work is very important, as it stores files and arranges the memory, and it also works to execute commands.

Continuous maintenance of the hard disk contributes to preserving it from any defect that may affect it with use, continuous maintenance works to preserve the data, the maintenance of the hard disk is through the work (scans) at home to address the errors in it and correct them, in the case of damage to the hard disk it is difficult To be repaired, so dear reader, you must take care of your device and make regular maintenance for it regularly.

It is recommended that you put your files in an alternate backup copy in order to ensure that they are not lost in the event of damage to the hard disk.

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The most important symptoms that indicate that your device needs maintenance: –

There are some symptoms that indicate that you need to maintain the computer, software and hardware at home, such as:

  • The computer is running low or freezes frequently.
  • The information on the computer becomes corrupted, making it difficult to use or open it again.
  • Hear an unusual sound from the computer.
  • Bad sectors when running a comprehensive hard disk scan.

Software maintenance: –

It is best for the owner of the computer to do maintenance of the “software” operating system from time to time, in order for us to remove the files that we do not need.

Take care to make updates to the programs and the operating system on your computer, especially the programs for removing viruses known as (antivirus).

Anti-virus software keeps your computer safe and ensures that it runs as efficiently as you need.

How to do external maintenance for the computer: –

  • Keeping the computer clean from the outside ensures that you maintain its level of performance, so you should remove the dust that resides on the CPU from the inside and outside by using an air blower that helps get rid of dust.
  • The accumulation of dust on the computer causes the device to overheat, which leads to the computer freezing up suddenly and without any introduction.
  • Dust accumulation on the computer causes unexpected and sudden errors from the machine.
  • The accumulation of dust on the computer reduces the performance of the device and its performance decreases over time, so the screen, keyboard and mouse should be cleaned beside the box from the inside and outside.

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What are the problems that cause the blue screen?: –

This screen, known as the Blue Screen of Death, appears, as it indicates a malfunction in the device. This screen forces the user to disconnect the device and turn it on again, which exposes your unsaved files to be lost. We will explain the most important reasons that lead to their appearance:

  • If there is a conflict between devices that the owner of the device installed.
  • The temperature of the device, especially the graphics card and (CPU).
  • If a hard disk error occurred.
  • Corruption of one or more of the random memory cards in the computer.
  • Any error in the programming of the system settings may cause the blue screen to appear.

What is the meaning of the computer freezing?: –

Some people may be ignorant of the meaning of the computer freezing, as it is possible that the computer freezes suddenly, as the device freeze prevents you from completing your work, and it also prevents you from saving the work that you were doing on the device, we will show you in the next lines the most important reasons for the computer freezing.

  • Among the reasons for the computer freezing while working on it is damage to the mouse, and thus it must be replaced or repaired.
  • High CPU temperature may cause the device to freeze, so you must increase the ventilation in the room, or buy a small fan and install it in the CPU, you will notice the difference in the speed of the device and the efficiency of its work.
  • The presence of viruses on the version of Windows may cause the device to freeze, so you must update anti-virus programs to get rid of viruses in a timely manner.
  • When software installed on your computer malfunctions, it freezes your computer.

What are the causes of slow computer?: –

Slowness of the computer causes inconvenience to the user.

  • Opening more than one program at a time can slow your computer.
  • When there is more than one virus on the operating system, it causes the computer to slow down.
  • Run programs that require the computer to expend most of its energy to run.
  • Your computer may slow down due to a malfunction or a damaged hard disk.
  • Too many files stored on the random memory of the computer cause the device to slow down.

Reasons for a computer inoperability: –

Sometimes we encounter the problem of the computer’s inability to operate, which causes us to have a number of problems due to the delay in completing the tasks required of us on time. We will explain the most important reasons that hinder the operation of the computer.

  • You must make sure that the wire that connects the electricity to the computer is firmly in place, and you must also make sure that this wire works properly, as it could be the reason behind the computer’s inability to operate.
  • The device’s battery, if the device is portable, could be the reason for the computer’s inoperability.
  • Ensure the stability of the devices attached to the computer, perhaps the reason why the computer does not turn on is the instability of these devices.
  • A damaged computer power supply can slow your computer.
  • It is preferable to install programs that maintain the computer periodically, in order to ensure that the device works with the required efficiency. These programs address errors that cannot be easily accessed.

How to replace damaged files: –

When a file is damaged, a system file scan tool can be used to isolate the damaged files, and it can restore the healthy and undamaged copy as follows:

  • Go to the desired file from the CD-ROM and click extract.
  • After that, we press the start button, until we get the correct file instead of the damaged one.
  • In the absence of the program, a message appears explaining this, and we press the OK button until the search for the file stops.

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How to find the locations of damage on the hard disk: –

It is imperative that we stop the corrupted operating system data from working, as the operating system data consist of the file allocation table, operating sector, master boot record and system kernel files.

Computer experts advise to make a copy of the important files, which is known as the backup copy, before you perform any repair in the hard disk or what is known as the hard disk, and when there is damage it is necessary to change the system files.

When restarting, we check the damage in the hard disk, and we must press the button to the left side after the message for Windows appears, and then we click on the option that states safe command only.

After we finished the topic of computer maintenance, software and hardware at home, we hope that the topic has won your admiration, as we explained the maintenance of the computer software and hardware at home and the causes of slow computers and computer freezes, common problems of the appearance of the blue screen and external maintenance of the computer.

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