Causes of sleep paralysis and how to treat it

The causes of sleep paralysis and how to treat it, of course sleep paralysis occurs to many people, and it is about awareness and the inability to move, and this paralysis occurs when it passes between the stages of sleep and wakefulness or it can occur during waking and this is called hypnotic sleep paralysis, and of course this matter annoys those who feel It is a very difficult matter, so we will address the causes of sleep paralysis and how to treat it.

What is sleep paralysis?

Many would like to know what sleep paralysis is, and it can be said first that sleep paralysis is what is called jowl, and this happens when waking up or entering sleep, and during sleep the body goes through two stages, which are the dreamy sleep phase and the non-dreamy sleep phase, and the non-dreamy sleep phase occurs. First, then after that, the individual goes through the dreamer stage, and this is for those who wonder about what is sleep paralysis.

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Sleep paralysis in Islam: –

And through sleep paralysis in Islam, it can be said that sleep paralysis is called Jathoom, and Ibn Manzoor says that sleep paralysis may be due to an organic material represented by the effect of food or medicine and its treatment is in phlebotomy, cupping and food relief, and it is possible that you are due to the jinn’s control and treatment of the Qur’an and ruqyah Legitimacy and remembrance, and this is about sleep paralysis in Islam.

Sleep paralysis and witchcraft: –

As for sleep paralysis and witchcraft, it can be said that many people explain sleep paralysis due to the presence of magic in that person, where the presence of the devil inside him is the cause of the paralysis that occurs to a person, but some people explain that this type of paralysis has nothing to do with witchcraft, but rather is a result of anxiety Or stress and confusion, which is about sleep paralysis and magic.

Sleep paralysis and pregnancy: –

As for sleep paralysis and pregnancy, it occurs because the pregnant woman does not sleep for enough time and has good rest, and the solution lies in modifying the lifestyle of the pregnant woman as this protects her from complications, this can cause a blockage in the upper airway during sleep in whole or in part, which leads to interruption of breathing .

This is one of the medical problems that threaten the life of a pregnant woman if she is exposed to it often when sleeping, and this is about sleep paralysis and witchcraft.

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Factors associated with sleep paralysis:

There are some factors associated with sleep paralysis, including the following:

  • Lack of sleep.
  • Sleep schedule changes.
  • Feeling a lot of mental disorders, represented by tension or a feeling of unrest.
  • Sleeping on the back.
  • Exposure to a lot of psychological pressure.
  • Use of certain medications, and these are some of the factors associated with sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis and its symptoms:

Through sleep paralysis, the individual can feel a lot of exhaustion and also a feeling of lack of focus, and it also prevents the patient from falling asleep again so that it does not happen like what happened, and it can be said that sleep paralysis and its symptoms are summarized as follows: –

  • Partial or complete paralysis during the seizure, with the exception of the diaphragm muscle, which is responsible for breathing and eye muscles.
  • The person is unable to move his bones and joints.
  • The occurrence of a lot of hallucinations represented by the auditory hallucinations represented in the individual hearing a lot of sounds that are not present or seeing a lot of things that are not present as well.

This seizure lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes, and then the person enters in one of the two states either to wake up completely or to complete his sleep, but most often he enters into a cycle of dreams again, and this is about sleep paralysis and its symptoms.

Causes of sleep paralysis: –

We can explain the causes of sleep paralysis and how to treat it, and among its causes are the following: –

  • A lot of stress and stress.
  • Sleeping and directing the brain upward causes the brain to get less oxygen and thus apnea.
  • Many changes occur in the individual’s lifestyle, as it is possible for the individual to move from a calm environment to a noisy environment, which increases anxiety and tension in the individual’s life.
  • Using some of the drugs that are used to treat hallucinations.
  • Disruption of sleep dates for the person and irregular sleep.
  • It could be due to a genetic factor.

Sleep paralysis treatment:

As for the treatment, it can be said that many people do not need any of the treatments, as many people who suffer from anxiety and stress can take pills that help them sleep, but in such a case there are some treatments that help get rid of paralysis Sleep.

Treatment can be done by improving sleep habits, getting enough sleep, and using some depression drugs that help regulate sleep cycles and treat mental problems that cause sleep paralysis, and finally, it can be treated by treating other sleep disorders, and this is about the causes of sleep paralysis and how to treat it.

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In the end, after we clarified many different information about sleep paralysis, its causes, symptoms and how to treat it, we would like you to have benefited from the article and we wish you not to be exposed to this type of paralysis, and we are waiting for all your comments and suggestions and we hope that you will share this article with many pages to make full use. .

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