Causes of cold extremities and sweating and methods of treatment

Some people feel very sweaty in their hands in the summer and also feel the coldness of the limbs, especially the hand in the winter, which causes them great inconvenience and embarrassment when shaking hands with others, and here we all wonder what are the reasons that lead to this unpleasant phenomenon, which is disturbed by many Is it a disease that must be treated? Is there also a treatment capable and effective to get rid of such a feeling, when does this phenomenon of sweating and cold extremities become a pathological condition?

And you must go to the doctor if the extremities are cold in a place with very low temperatures, this is normal because the temperature is too low, the body temperature drops with it, but if the weather is cold, and the heating of the limbs does not respond under the heater or by placing them in hot water and the limbs remain cold Here, you must go to the doctor to find out the reason, as well as with sweaty limbs in the summer.

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Causes of cold extremities:

And many people who suffer from cold extremities in the winter season, this feeling and sensation has more than one reason. These reasons must be taken into consideration and not be taken lightly, because they may be behind a serious health problem:

  • The problem of anemia, which is a disease of anemia in the body, may be one of the reasons, because here the blood is weak and there is not enough oxygen to nourish the cells and tissues of the extremities properly.
  • Weakness and insufficiency in the circulation of the extremities of the body.
  • Sitting for long periods and lack of movement. A person may feel very cold because the movement of the body helps to push energy and heat to the body.
  • Severe hypothyroidism and disorders that occur in the secretion of hormones in the body.
  • Psychological and nervous stresses that lead to severe stress.
  • In cases of obesity and cases of severe thinness, changing the normal weight ratios in the body, also works on the coldness of the limbs. Diabetes and atherosclerotic diseases.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, or reacting to side effects of certain medications.

Methods of treatment and getting rid of cold extremities

  • Treating the problem of acute anemia through proper nutrition.
  • And eating foods and medicines that contain high iron content and providing the body with minerals and vitamins that the body needs.
  • To treat weakness and shortage of blood circulation so that the body does not get cold due to depression and low pressure.
  • Treating the thyroid gland with a specialist and taking appropriate treatment, avoiding standing for long hours.
  • Solve the problem of severe obesity or thinness and adjust the ideal body weight.
  • Not to wear high heels and narrow shoes.
  • Bathing a lot in hot water in the winter.
  • Frequently massaging hands and feet with proper methods to get rid of extreme cold.
  • As for the parties to sweat, especially in the summer, this annoys us greatly because it hinders us when holding the pen to accomplish our work, or for students it delays them from doing their homework and this pure.
  • Also, it may be behind a disease that we do not know about, so come and learn about the most important causes and methods of treatment for sweaty extremities.

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Causes of sweating limbs:

Limbs sweating may cause shame and harassment for many people, especially while shaking hands with others or when holding a pen for people whose work depends on a lot of writing, and from here we will know the most important reasons that lead to sweating of the parties:

  • Secretion of endocrine hormones that change body temperatures.
  • Constant stress without resting with nervous tension.
  • Spine and nerve diseases.
  • Weight gain from its normal rate.
  • Thyroid and lymph diseases.
  • Patients with blood pressure and blood sugar diseases.
  • Interruption of menstruation for periods that may exceed a year.
  • Respiratory diseases accompanied by colds, colds, influenza and infections
  • Sinusitis, especially in the summer.
  • When quitting addiction to certain things, such as smoking, drugs or alcohol.
  • And sweating of the limbs here indicates the correct exit of the addiction from the body.

Methods of treatment and how to get rid of sweating limbs:

Methods of treatment for elimination and treatment of sweating of the limbs are due to more than medical treatment and treatment with proven herbs that give us a successful result in getting rid of the phenomenon of sweating:

  • First, the medical treatment is that we go immediately to the specialist doctor to find out the causes of sweating and treat it with proper medical methods, which is to suppress high or low blood pressure to be suitable or treat the endocrine glands and inhibit their hormones or or the immediate elimination of obesity diseases.
  • Secondly, treating herbs, God Almighty has made every disease a cure, and we find many herbs that are successful in getting rid of many diseases, and here is when the disease of sweating limbs:
  • Lemon juice We make a paste of lemon juice with yeast soda and put it in place of perspiration for 10 minutes. Ginger Make a paste of ginger, add water to it, and put it in the place of perspiration for 10 minutes.
  • Cornstarch We mix cornstarch with baking soda powder and put them in the place of perspiration after drying completely.
  • Apple cider vinegar Mix rose water with apple cider vinegar and rub it on the site of perspiration 3 times a day.
  • Tomatoes, so drinking tomato juice is one of the things that keep the body temperature hydrated and reduces heavy sweating.

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And to here, we have reached the end of our topic today, which is the topic of coldness and sweating of the extremities of the body, as we learned the extent of its causes and the extent of treatment methods, and we also got acquainted with the most important herbs that play an important role in getting rid of these diseases completely.

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