Best cream for treating sore chin after shaving

Shaving is one of the most important things that men always want, as shaving is indispensable in their daily lives, and some of them want to resort to shaving without going to the barber in order to save time and cost, but there is a set of advice for them before shaving and this is what we will learn about in our next topic Follow this article with us.

What is sore after shaving?

There are types of skin that are sensitive and do not tolerate shaving, and thus suffer from what is called inflammation, which is the skin discoloration and pink or red color after shaving or feeling itchy after using the blades, so we find after several minutes of shaving that the body begins to redness or swelling.

As this swelling and swelling is due to the growing hair, as after shaving the hair curls back to its place of the skin, which gives the body’s defenses an incentive to deal with it as a foreign body and thus the skin begins to swell and swell.

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Causes of dermatitis after shaving

  • Pressing hard on the skin while shaving.
  • Do not use soap or cream, which causes the blade to slide directly on the skin.
  • Using soap or cream not suitable for the type of skin.
  • The use of blades that are not sharp.

Ways to avoid post-shave infections

First: It is necessary to shave after showering, as the body is moist immediately after showering, which facilitates the process of hair removal, whether it is a regular bath or a steam bath.

Second: Moisturizing the skin, the skin must be moist through the use of a shaving gel or cream, which makes it soft and easy and facilitates the shaving process without inflammation of the skin, but before using the cream, the contents of the package must be read properly so that you move away from the ingredients that cause skin sensitivity.

Third: The necessity to use a shaving brush, as it distributes the gel or cream well and is balanced, making a smooth shave that passes easily.

Fourth: the use of sharp blades as it works to remove hair properly and easily without causing damage, and therefore it works to remove hair very efficiently and without cutting without feeling any infections or irritation of the skin.

Fifth: Clean the blades and dry them after shaving, so the blade must be cleaned well with water and then dried properly so that it is completely dry and does not cool and its sharpness remains the same, not only the blades, but also the brush so that bacteria do not grow on it, causing any infection to the skin.

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Seven steps men must take before shaving

  • Put flour with an amount of water on the face a quarter of an hour before shaving.
  • Bring a piece of ice and move it around the chin in a circular motion.
  • Remove the flour from the face with a sponge containing warm water, taking care not to scratch so that your skin does not itch.
  • Dry the face very well so that it is completely dry without leaving any traces of water on your face.
  • After these steps, shave your chin in your usual detailed way, whether using the cream or the traditional machine.
  • After you finish shaving, we recommend that you wash your face with cold water so that the open pores are closed.
  • You can also apply an antibiotic cream to the face, so that you do not become allergic and eliminate any negative effects of shaving.

Natural ways to get rid of skin infections

Honey and apple cider vinegar:

  • As honey is one of the most important natural methods known to reduce inflammation and it contains substances capable of calming the skin, and apple cider vinegar has an important role in cooling and calming the skin completely, which makes them both work on the quick treatment of skin infections.
  • This is done by applying honey to the infected area so that you cover it and leave it for five minutes, then wash it with cold water while drying the skin well and then put apple cider vinegar on it, and let it dry. You will find amazing and great results.

Black tea bags:

  • Which is useful for getting rid of skin infections completely after shaving and protecting from swelling and inflammation because it contains tannic acid, which reduces redness and irritation, and the method is by dipping tea bags in warm water until it absorbs water and becomes moist.
  • After removing it from the water, it is placed on the skin and repeat this process about two or three times a day as needed, and you will find the difference clearly.

Cucumber and yogurt mask:

  • As the yogurt is known for its great moisturizing and the cucumber contains antioxidants, which reduces skin inflammation, when mixing the cucumber with yogurt together, they moisturize and calm the skin just as the yogurt contains lactic acid, which works to exfoliate the skin.
  • This is done through a cucumber or two peeled with two tablespoons of yogurt with lukewarm water, the mixture is mixed as a whole i.e. cucumber with yogurt in a blender or food processor and then put on the inflamed skin and left for a third of an hour and then washed with lukewarm water.

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In the end, we have provided you with the benefits of grape seeds on the body as a whole and the skin as well, so we hope that you have benefited from this topic and we await your comments and opinions on this article and leave your desired questions in the comments below the topic.

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