Best coastal hotels in the Azores

The best coastal hotels in the Azores is what we will learn about now. Are you planning to spend your dream vacation in the beautiful Azores, and looking for the most luxurious hotels to stay? Maybe you are planning a special anniversary or even your honeymoon, well, you came to the right place, you will have a wonderful time in the Azores, it is no secret that everyone loves the place.

When it comes to choosing luxury hotels, leave it to us, so here is a list of the best coastal hotels in the Azores.

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An introduction to the best coastal hotels in the Azores

  • The Azores are nine major islands and the small islands and atolls around them, are a treasure in the middle of the Atlantic of natural beauty only prepared for anyone with an adventurous spirit, and a great love of cruising freely in the outdoors.
  • The volcanic landscape is dramatic and there are three distinct biospheres. In addition to the Azores there are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the old town of Angra do Heroísmo on Terceira and the vineyards of Pico.
  • The islands’ diverse beauty makes choosing the best places to stay on the Azores a challenge, and Beautiful Angra do Heroísmo is the historic capital, a charming 18th-century town on Terceira Island, full of colorful cafés, bars and boutiques. Terceira Terceira is also one of the best places if you like festivals and celebrations, between May and October there are plenty of them.
  • The Azores is also famous for its wildlife, especially whales, which decorate the sea around the islands with their presence several times a year due to their migrations.
  • Almost every town or village with a marina offers whale watching tours.
  • Pico Island is a good option if this is one of the things you look to often to visit the Azores.
  • Pico is also where you will find the highest mountain in Portugal, at an altitude of 2,351 meters above sea level, and hiking that you can do in two or three hours if you are fit, from the top you can see the islands of Faial and Sao Jorge.

Best coastal hotels in the Azores

Piedras do Mar Resort & Spa

  • Piedras do Mar is a luxury resort and spa in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel (the main island in the Azores) complete with a spa, and is perhaps the most beautiful outdoor pool in the entire island.
  • Although it is located in one of the best spots of São Miguel (with easy access to whale watching, beautiful hiking spots and more), if you don’t want to leave this luxury hotel.
  • There are indoor spa treatments, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools – there is everything for everyone! The rooms are spacious and nice with lovely wooden design.

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

  • On the island of São Miguel is Avra ​​Nostra, the most luxurious hotel near Furnas is an absolute must for anyone visiting the Azores, it is a dormant volcano that has natural volcanic springs that are good for bathing, cooking traditional Azorean dishes and more.
  • Terra Nostra is the perfect place to visit Furnas, and it’s so close that it actually has some of the natural springs of Furnas in the hotel! Yes, if you stay in Terra Nostra, you’ll enjoy the healing natural spring baths in Furnas.
  • Additionally they have a spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and much more.
  • Probably a favorite luxury hotel in the Azores, the combination of nature and luxury is amazing. Terra Nostra offers a free breakfast buffet, free parking and free Wi-Fi.

Bukenhubai Hotel

  • For some people looking for luxury, true luxury can only be when the venue is for adults only, so for an adult only guesthouse with an outdoor pool and bar.
  • Hotel Pocinhobay is located in Pico Pico, which has the highest volcanic mountain of all the Azores.
  • Mount Pico dominates the skyline and is located 12 miles from Pocinhobay, which makes Pocinhobay the ideal place for day trips to Mount Pico, where you can do many wonderful things like hiking in the volcano and bird watching.

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Azure hotel

  • Complemented with a beautiful outdoor pool, delicious breakfast buffet and waterfront views, the Azor Hotel is one of the most luxurious in the Azores.
  • The Azor Hotel, built in 2016, is very modern and has its own casino! This is luxury in the form of glamor and modern.
  • It is in a prime location in the Azores, not only on the main island, São Miguel, it is also in the main city: Ponta Delgada. This is the place to come if you want to go dolphin and whale watching in the Azores.

Follow us to get to know the best coastal hotels in the Azores

Santa Barbara Eco Beach Resort

  • For those looking for luxury in the form of relaxation, nature and serenity, look no further than the Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort, Santa Barbara.
  • This resort has the absolute best view of those idyllic azure hills, which can be viewed from your private deck. The Santa Barbara Hotel also has a private pool and spa area.
  • Located on the northern side of the island in Ribera Grande, guests are ideally located to visit Lagoa do Fogo (one of the three massive volcanic islands, agreed upon as the most beautiful), and Caldeira Velha – the natural hot springs.

Quinta Hotel

  • Quinta de Santa Barbara offers beautiful waterfront apartments with a kitchenette and soaking tub.
  • Located on the eastern side of Ponta Delgada São Miguel, Hotel Quinta de Santa offers a free airport pick-up service, as well as spa services, an outdoor pool and beaches within walking distance.

Whales Bay Hotel

  • Another luxury hotel with a kitchenette in Sao Miguel Island Azores is the Whales Bay Hotel, with exceptional comfort rooms and a wellness center, you cannot regret after going to this hotel.
  • This hotel is located on the northern side of the island, near golf courses, museums, parks and much more.

Aldea Da Fonte Hotel

  • And the last thing we conclude with is our talk on the topic of the best coastal hotels in the Azores. This hotel is an eco-coastal resort with individual volcanic stone houses, the private suites feature yellow rooms and traditional furniture, a popular restaurant and bar.
  • Pico Island is a nature lover’s paradise with amazing whale watching and hiking, and a subsidized resort is ideal for families.
  • There’s total relaxation, and a beachfront spa complete with a whale watching tower, Tai Chi Garden, and yoga sessions. With a seaside perfect for a seaside vacation, an indoor / outdoor pool.

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Conclusion on the best coastal hotels in the Azores

In this article, we presented the best coastal hotels in the Azores, they are truly a piece of bliss, and each hotel will dazzle you with its wonderful possibilities, which will make your memories there unforgettable.

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