Beautiful sayings of goodwill

Beautiful sayings about good intentions, a sincere person, is the person who deals in good faith, with other people, and treats people kindly, he is a person who is far removed from deception, betrayal, and treachery.

What is the concept of goodwill?

The intention is that action that begins with a person’s body, where in the beginning, this action is a thought, in the heart and the soul.

The intention is the matters that reside inside the heart, and no one knows it except the one who has this heart, and the good intention is to wish for good and righteousness in all deeds.

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What is the importance of dealing with people with good intention?

  • Good intention is evidence of the goodness of the heart, and the prey, because a person with good intention makes himself loved among people.
  • And good intention works to perpetuate intimacy and affection between people, and establishes trust, as good intention does not accompany it with hypocrisy, nor fraud, which makes its owner a source of confidence.

Beautiful sayings of goodwill

  • A good intention does not justify a wrong act, it is only a prerequisite for a right action.
  • Nothing equals good will, do whatever you want and let them understand you as they please.
  • The intention is the determination, and the will to do something that stems from within the soul, or the prey, and the ambiguity until the execution.
  • According to your intentions
  • who drilled a hole to his brother, he fall in it.
  • Sincere intention equals action.
  • Intention is an idea, in the making.
  • I always believe that goodwill does not lead to anything but beautiful surprises.
  • Do not change your methods, just change your intentions, for your intentions you will live.
  • I have never seen a powerlessness in human beings like the failure to intend, I only intend, and then your whole life will change.

The most beautiful expressions of goodwill

  • A good word is charity.
  • A good neighbor, better than a distant sister.
  • A good reputation is better than a pretty dress.
  • Kindness is the victory of man over the soul that leads to evil.
  • The hand is good when we are broken, warm when we cry, and loving when we are tired.
  • There are more fun things than hitting people.
  • A good word is the most beautiful gift and the cheapest price.
  • Praise increases the good, the good and the vile.
  • My family taught me to speak, and people taught me to silence.
  • You have to ask God for the good life, satisfying living, clarity of mind, and peace of mind.
  • The kind word is the password to the hearts of others.
  • A kind heart by nature resides inside a sensitive person.
  • A person feels the pain and sorrows of others, and it is painful to see them suffer. So he shares these feelings with them as if he is the one suffering from these pains.
  • Let your word be kind, and your face simple, be dearer to people, those who give them.
  • Good head, kind hearted, are always a great combination.

The best of what was said about the good intention

  • The Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace. No slave had any intention of performing his religion except that he had help from God.
  • God does not look at their bodies, nor at your images, but looks at your hearts.
  • “You did not intend, O Yazid, what you took, O Maan.”
  • If a man promised his brother, and he intended to pay him back, and he did not fulfill and did not come to the appointed time, then there is no sin on him.
  • Ibn Taymiyyah, so if the believer has an intention, it will follow the general nature of his actions and the permissible is in the interest of his deeds for the good of his heart and his intention.
  • Ali bin Abi Talib, no one harmed anything but appeared in the slips of his tongue.
  • Wisdom, the apparent action betrays the inherent intention.
  • Omar bin Al-Khattab, does not work for those who have no intention.
  • Fuller, ill-intentioned, always finds bad reasons, for good deeds.
  • Qatada, God gives the servant, on the intention of the Hereafter, what He wills from this world and the hereafter, and he does not give on the intention of this world but the world.
  • Good intentions excuse foolish behavior.
  • According to your intentions
  • Abu al-Abbas al-Ma’mun, who did not praise you for good faith, did not thank you for the good deed.
  • Abdullah bin Al-Mubarak, a small business owner with great intention, and a big business owner with little intention.
  • Goodwill, excuse for foolish behavior.
  • Edward Young, Good faith equals action.

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Judgment and sayings about good and bad in humans

The sayings of the book about the sincere intention

  • Naguib Mahfouz, I bet that he did what he did with good faith, that you did not accuse him of bad faith, but with bad mentality he accused him.
  • Mustafa Mahmoud, the key to the mystery of fate and destiny, the servant’s intention, and God the empowerment, is good and good, and evil is bad.
  • Mustafa Sadiq al-Rafi’i, God is not treated except with intention, and only heart numbers are written in the good deeds register.
  • Muhammad his servant, and they said: Every action that is not forbidden, in which there is good intention for God Almighty, is worship.
  • Muhammed Al-Ghazali, that good will does not intercede in responding to those with passions.
  • Friedrich Nietzsche, morality is pathological sensitivity, degenerate with the hidden intention of revenge against life.
  • Elizabeth Gilbert, Half of the benefit of prostration is in the demand itself, in clear intent.

Beautiful talk about kind hearts

  • The true goodness of a human being cannot appear in all its purity and freedom, except in relation to those who do not represent any strength.
  • For those who know that there is a secret in the heart of the letter, only those with good souls who have clear hearts will realize it.
  • Good accounts create good friends.
  • Good intentions are not always enough.
  • Speech is a human miracle. It is true that silence is wisdom, but a kind word has a fixed origin, and its branch is in heaven.
  • Do not delay the word of truth, arguing that it cannot be heard, because there is no good seed that does not have fertile ground.
  • Beauty without goodness is worth nothing.
  • Kind hearts are like gold, never rust, even if they are exhausted by fatigue, just wiping them with a beautiful word shows their shine again.
  • God is good and only accepts the good.

The most beautiful words about goodwill

  • It is okay, my friend, your heart will hurt a little or a lot. The hearts of kind people are found to ache, and to kill slowly.
  • Sometimes good intentions and pure feelings indicate the way, but at other times they blind the eyes.
  • A sublime woman implies kindness in the soul of a man, even if he is ignorant.
  • Just as water extinguishes the fire, so we must use a good word and a sweet smile, and God protect us and you from the evil of anger.
  • Kindness appears to be the most prominent feature of poverty.
  • The real solutions to people’s problems cannot be by replicating the experiences of others.
  • You should never waste time inventing things that people will not buy.
  • It is not people’s consciousness that determines their existence. On the contrary, it is social existence that determines their consciousness.
  • Those who are for freedom and against incitement are the people who want rain, not thunder.
  • Madam, I come from a country where people are hanged if they speak up.
  • I stand here before you not as a prophet, but as a humble servant of you, people.

The best of what was said about kindness

  • Many people see that a kind heart is a weakness in personality, because a good-hearted person is always targeted by others to meet their needs.
  • And also he can be deceived quickly, and take all he has with a few simple words, but there are also those who are kind-hearted but have a strong personality.
  • He can combine the kindness of his heart with the strength of his character in a wonderful way.
  • People liked him, while preserving his personality, to be affected by the interaction.
  • Good will does not add a single onion to soup, and it is only suitable for going to heaven.
  • More than asking for forgiveness, it is a good wind that removes all distress and removes the leaves of depression from the road.

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And at the end of our journey about an article about beautiful sayings about good intentions, a person must have good intentions that help him live in a pure and happy life. Good intention is what the servant is held accountable for.

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