Artworks in colored paper and how it works in steps

Artworks with colored paper and its way of working with steps , works of art using colored paper are among the most beautiful activities that children care about, and they are interested in as they feel joy and excitement when seeing these works. See the different shapes and methods that we will mention, and we will now list some works for you in a complete way to make them easier for you, and you can follow the Cultural Facts site for more information about artworks in colored paper and how they work in steps.

Artworks in colored paper and how to work in steps

There are different ideas for making shapes with colored paper, and they differ according to the child’s desires, as many different forms of children’s amusement can be made, and the development of different skills for them is one of the most important artworks that can be executed with colored paper.

1. Colorful cartoon animals

• What you need (animal molds, corrugated cardboard, stone paint, paint brush, pipe cleaners, white glue).

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• How to make animals from colored paper

1- Print our animal templates. 2- Trace the templates on the cardboard, cut the animals from the paper according to our template, and use the paint to stick them and then let them dry. 3- Cut the tails, fangs and eyes, put them on the cardboard and stick them with glue to complete the shape of the animal, with glue according to the patterns. 4- Cut the slits according to the patterns and assemble the animals so that they stand as shown, on the templates and you can skip the templates and let the kids create their own animals.

2. Make paper in the form of glass

Turn coffee filters into beautiful paper glass, with this idea • Use scissors to cut the edge of the portafilter, to create an uneven shape. • Make streaks, spots, and dots on the portafilter, using non-permanent markers. • Drape the coffee filter over an upside down plastic cup or yogurt container. • Apply starch to the filter so that the colors of the marker separate together, and the portafilter is completely damp. Let the filter dry.

3. Make a city out of pipes

Turn cardboard tubes into beautiful and delicious cottages, in a few simple steps:

• Paint the tube and let it dry. • Make two opposite sides of the corner at one end of the tube to form a point, add a 3-by-3-inch piece of scrapbook paper, bend it in half and then place it on the pointed end as a ceiling, and use glue to secure it, not to fall off. • Cut the end of the tube in length and width to create a door. • Put glue on bead knob. Draw windows on colored paper and cut them out and attach to the hut, using a glue stick. For the chimney, place a strip of paper in a square with four sides, open-ended, and then stick it to the surface.

4. Making paper cats from colored paper

Cats can be drawn and made from colored paper, in various shapes of locks, or as home decor and children’s rooms. How it works • Print the cat template and trace onto a sheet of black construction paper. • Cut the pieces and assemble the cat with the glue stick, according to the directions of the template.

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5. Make a paper ice cream cone from colored paper

You can also make a delicious ice cream cone that will appeal to children, especially in summer

The method of work

• Roll soft-touch colored cards into a cone shape, and secure with glue. • Assemble a piece of tissue paper into a ball shape. • And help your child to stick strips of colored patterned paper around the conical shape, and attach it to the cone. • Use red buttons and place them on top of the colored tissue ball, resembling cherry.

6. How to make a paper fan out of colored paper

Let your children choose the paper to suit their personalities, and choose the colors they like, so that they like it, and sharing it with you makes them feel fun. How to work 1- Cut a 12-inch piece of heavy-duty colored paper. 2- Repeat the step three times to get 3 sheets of equal length

3- Cut the midsection and tape the three longitudinal sheets to it.

4- After that, you draw the fan body as you want it, either longitudinal or transverse, depending on the type of fan you want to make, whether a wall or ceiling fan.

Types of colored paper that are used in artwork

There are various types of papers used in artwork, as paper is one of the most fashionable, inexpensive and abundant materials around the world, and is great for arts and crafts with the right techniques, however you can also use it for anything from prototypes, small models to building furniture. Or even boats and buildings. Among the most famous types:

Printing paper:

Medium weight and moderately smooth and nice for handwriting, as well as for printing, it is stiff enough to stand up to small paper forms.

• Technical paper

Expensive, thick and somewhat rough, usually designed for pencil, ink, and paint, it can also be used for some artwork.

• construction paper

Soft, rough, and often brightly colored and not as durable as plastic cards, but still good for kids pop-up cards, and other 3D crafts, the best paper for little hands to practice scissor skills, and makes it easy for children to use them in various artworks and engraving on them.

Tissue paper

Thin and brightly colored and use it to create a stained glass effect, or funnel and let the colors work without affecting them with watercolor.

Origami paper

Lightweight yet tough that will crease when pressed when folded, generally colored or printed on one side only More options include, super absorbent coffee filters, wax paper (iron sheets together to “laminate” papers and other flat things), and frozen paper (fine) Stencil), sticks lightly to the fabric when ironed.

The importance of artwork and drawing for children

These different works of art that many resort to, to entertain children have many different benefits such as

1- Developing the child’s skills for creativity, as the child can draw different shapes.

2- Focus, where the child concentrates and intensifies his efforts to produce a distinctive work of art, which he can show off in front of everyone.

3- Entertaining children’s time for what is useful, as it helps to turn their minds on to invent everything new.

4- The child’s participation, the father, mother, or teacher, in making these things helps to improve the child’s psyche, in that he be with whom he loves and does what he loves.

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This was a brief summary of artworks with colored paper and how they work with steps , as you can now learn some ideas for making various things with children, from drawings and shapes suitable for boys and girls. You can make cars and animals, and some different shapes of ice cream, doors, huts, cats, and dogs can also be drawn. And even drawing people, making shapes to decorate children’s rooms, helping children to innovate permanently, and drawing many new and distinctive shapes, and if you have more than one child, you can make contests and compete between them in making shapes and artistic works, where we develop their spirit of skill and fun, and these competitions Competitiveness among children makes them create and bring out the best of their different creations, and draw shapes that they like, and you can make small prizes for applicants in such different skills in presenting beautiful and dazzling artistic and creative works.

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