Al-Khwarizmi inventions in mathematics

The great scientist who was famous for mathematics is Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, who is considered one of the great scientists who discovered a lot in mathematics, and he influenced his knowledge and printed a great influence on many scientists, including the astronomer known as Al-Farghani, and it was developed for mathematics and his inventions abounded. Al-Khwarizmi was the first to invent algebra in mathematics, and the scientist Al-Khwarizmi was distinguished by many discoveries.

His school taught him all the inventions and discoveries that he made to teach all people after him, and he reached them what is the concept of mathematics and what discoveries are considered to be his breakthrough in this vast world of mathematics that has no end, we will explain many of Al-Khwarizmi’s inventions in the science of mathematics and how Scholars were affected by Al-Khwarizmi, and information about Al-Khwarizmi is brief.

Who is Al-Khwarizmi?

  • The great scientist who was famous for mathematics and added many inventions and discoveries to mathematics.
  • Al-Khwarizmi is known as Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, and he used to live in an area called Al-Khwarazm, and for this reason the great scientist was known by the name Al-Khwarizmi in relation to the area in which he lived.
  • The great scientist Al-Khwarizmi made many important discoveries in mathematics, astronomy and many other sciences.
  • Al-Khwarizmi was fond of reading and reading a lot about Greek and Indian books, so he used to go to the library of wisdom, which was established during the reign of al-Ma’mun in 880 AD.
  • Al-Khwarizmi made many additions to important sciences such as mathematics, astronomy, trigonometry, and many other sciences that benefited many generations after his passing.

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The genesis of Al-Khwarizmi

  • The great scholar Al-Khwarizmi used to live in the state of Iraq specifically in the city of Khwarazm and was born in 780 AD, where he and his family were settling in this city, which affected his upbringing and made him one of those looking forward and was constantly familiar with Indian and Greek books.
  • The surrounding environment had a great impact on him, as the family provided him with many of the needs that he wanted.
  • Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi was given this name in relation to the city of Khwarazm in which he used to live.
  • Al-Khwarizmi read and studied many sciences such as astronomy, mathematics, geography, history and many other sciences.
  • The great scholar Al-Khwarizmi has contributed to much of the civilizational progress in the Islamic world.

His education and academic achievement Al-Khwarizmi

  • Al-Khwarizmi studied various sciences to be aware of all the concepts for which he is searching for meaning.
  • Al-Khwarizmi was well-acquainted with Indian and Greek books.
  • Al-Khwarizmi studied astronomy, geography and maps, and among the most important of these science was the science of mathematics and he excelled in this science a lot, which made him a mathematician, inventor and innovator globally and not only in the vicinity of his country, but was famous in all countries.
  • Many of the scholars who followed al-Khwarizmi in the era of al-Ma’mun were affected and were greatly influenced by his sciences, among them the great astronomer Al-Farghani.
  • Al-Khwarizmi obtained many positions and testimonies that were presented to him as a form of thanks and loyalty for what he presented to his country and the Islamic civilization in general.
  • Al-Khwarizmi has authored many books such as The Image of the Earth in Geography, The Book of al-Mukhtasar in the Calculation of Algebra and the Interview, the Book of Action with the Lines of Lab, The Book of Addition and Distinction, and other books that have met with great success.

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Al-Khwarizmi inventions in mathematics

  • Al-Khwarizmi worked on separating arithmetic from algebra, as arithmetic was considered completely separate from algebra, and he added many discoveries to algebra and treated it in a scientific and simple way.
  • The concept of algorithm is known in mathematics and computer science as one of the most important inventions of al-Khwarizmi, which featured many secrets and secrets in mathematics and computers.
  • Al-Khwarizmi used to compose many angles shapes that consist of the shape of a specific number, and this is what we discovered in our current era, which is that Al-Khwarizmi used English numbers with Arab origins that were used by Arabs in ancient times because they are of Arab origin. As for the numbers that claim Arabic in our current era, they are Arabic has nothing to do with it, as these numbers were taken from ancient Indian sciences and are used to date in solving problems, mathematics and algebra.
  • Al-Khwarizmi laid the foundations of mathematics, especially algebra, as he was the one who mastered the science of algebra and discovered it.
  • Al-Khwarizmi invented the number zero to be the separation that separates the numbers from each other, so that zero is considered not to exist in the numbers as it shows that it shows the real number of numbers such as 107 + 1 = 108, and in this case the zero is considered the interval between the numbers and after this invention made by Al-Khwarizmi Which met with great success and encouragement from scientists and other people who follow his knowledge and passion for science in general.
  • Al-Khwarizmi developed a lot in astronomy, mathematics, and geography.

Al-Khwarizmi Publications

  • Al-Khwarizmi wrote the book The Image of the Earth, which was joining the science of geography, and in this book Al-Khwarizmi corrected some errors in geography and maps that Ptolemy recorded in the science of geography.
  • Al-Khwarizmi wrote the book of algebra and the interview and wrote it in the year 830 AD, and this book may be one of the most famous mathematical books that Al-Khwarizmi wrote in this era, and Al-Khwarizmi in this book separated the science of algebra from arithmetic and he translated the book into the Greek language, which led to great benefit In the West, many schools and universities have adopted it as their primary curriculum book.
  • Al-Khwarizmi’s Book of Collection and Difference, and the great scholar Al-Khwarizmi authored Kitab al-Zij and the Book of History, and authored the Book of Work with the Astrolabe

Al-Khwarizmi Achievements

  • Al-Khwarizmi has authored many books on geography that have met with great success in this field, including the small book of Sind Hind and the Great Book of Sind Hind.
  • Al-Khwarizmi developed a lot in the fields of geography and maps and corrected many of the errors that existed in the reprimand of geography that dates back to Ptolemy.
  • He also authored the book The Image of the Earth in the Science of Geography, and he worked with the consensus of many geographers to come up with the first picture of the map of the Earth, and the Book of the Image of the Earth contained many drawings and maps that show the beauty of the earth and its beautiful and natural views.
  • Al-Khwarizmi developed and discovered a lot in mathematics, which made him a great scientist to follow. Al-Khwarizmi wrote a book in mathematics algebra and interview, and this book was translated into Greek, which received great interest in Western countries and was used in studies in foreign universities and schools, and Al-Khwarizmi In this book, separate algebra and arithmetic.

Al-Khwarizmi’s death

  • Al-Khwarizmi lived throughout his life in Iraq, specifically in the city of Khwarazm, which was named after its name in relation to that city in which he lived and grew up in it and contained all his ideas and discoveries that he presented during his life.
  • Al-Khwarizmi passed away in 830 AD. This great scientist, a mathematician who positively influenced the Islamic civilization and worked on developing many sciences and inventing more

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