A short success story from zero to greatness

Celebrity success stories are one of the things we love to search for and find out what is behind the scenes of this famous star that we see on the screens, and the star of our article today, the maker of a short success story from zero to greatness is Miss Tennessee, and she is the most famous media in the world Oprah Winfrey, and Oprah Winfrey is considered an actress Writer, wealthy businesswoman, TV producer, TV host, and the world’s first brown billionaire.

Oprah Winfrey is a friend of stars and celebrities with screens and lights, the love of fame and appearance, the love of goodness and a pioneer in many charitable fields. Oprah deserves to be the subject of our discussion today to mention the most important obstacles that she went through and her journey that started from poverty and rejection and reached her ambition and desire to reach the highest levels of success and wealth and won love People and their appreciation and became a role model in the media field and a model worth mentioning his story.

Oprah Winfrey lives in the beginning

Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1958 AD, in the state of Mississippi in the United States of America and lived in a simple family suffering from poverty, and Winfrey’s father worked as a barber in a small shop, and he lived with her mother even though they did not love them together, then they separated and her mother was poor and working as a domestic servant And Oprah Winfrey lived with her grandfather and was the subject of ridicule for all children, as her clothes were old jogging and her skin was unattractive brown, and despite all the societal rejection that Oprah lived since her childhood, she did not give up and did not see herself as less than others, as she saw in herself a very intelligent when she entered the kindergarten and asked From the kindergarten director, he transferred her to a class older than her age, so Winfrey lived a miserable life when she was young and passed obstacles and difficulties that are when she grows up with a great success story.

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A failure and floundering in Oprah Winfrey’s life

When Oprah Winfrey reached the age of twelve, she lived with her mother, and she was subjected to confusion and tragedy, where she was sexually harassed and raped by one of her relatives, and she gave birth to a child who was the product of this rape, but he died immediately after his birth, and that was a guarantor to destroy her life, but she did not give up, and the obstacles did not stop pursuing Oprah. Winfrey was deprived of the grace of motherhood forever.

Oprah lived a period of her life, a lost addict, and she used to take drugs, heroin and hallucinogenic pills, and the girl lived as a miserable teenager and her mother lost the desire to continue in this way, so she got rid of her and sent her to a special place for care, but events developed and Winfrey did not live in this nursing home and went to her father who was in this Time a businessman.

Despite all the circumstances that Winfrey went through, she decided to continue in life and education and not lose hope. Indeed, Winfrey graduated from the university, and the powerful Winfrey decided to end this miserable lost chapter of her life to start a success story and to be one of the most powerful women in the world and become a celebrity success story After it was a story of pain, loss and failure, Oprah Winfrey did not give in to harassment, rape, poverty, rejection from society and addiction, but decided to be a success story.

Oprah Winfrey success story

The first thing in which Oprah succeeded was to be superior and loved in school, and be popular among teachers and students, and she was passionate about American pop star Michael Jackson, where she began from here the love of fame, art and appearance, and Oprah managed to excel in her studies and became the first among all her classmates, until After the failure, Opera became one of the first American students of African origin, and she studied at the state university and obtained an educational scholarship, and was able to succeed in obtaining a BA in Dramatic Arts, and Oprah began media work in the radio program at the age of seventeen and was a reporter for the program, and she was passionate about publishing News and participation in radio works whenever the opportunity arises.

After this, she reached the age of nineteen and moved to work in Nashville TV, and Oprah was said to be the youngest broadcaster in the history of the station, and at the beginning of her media career Oprah Winfrey faced failure and rejection, and some of the program’s officials said that she was not suitable, but she did not give up and participated in 1982 AD in A television program in Maryland, and she was asked by some media leaders in Chicago to do a special program for cooking, and she auditioned and proved her efficiency and admired her by all those in charge of work, so that Oprah is the presenter of the program in a step of initial success as a broadcaster in her path of success.

Oprah did not know anything about cooking, but she was a strong woman, quick to learn, she did not fear, did not give up, and fought all fears, presented the program and succeeded, but then she was rejected in other cooking programs and decided to move to another direction, which is the field of acting, and in 1985 AD she was Winfrey Participation in a film by a great director, and the film was so successful that it was nominated for the largest award in the world, the Oscar, and then the film and television offers on Oprah.

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The turning point and the pinnacle of success in the life of Oprah Winfrey

We always see a turning point for greatness in celebrity success stories and this point in Winfrey’s life was the Oprah Show, where the program dealt with community issues and Winfrey in her way and personality was very brilliant and the program was daily and became the most famous program in the world and became a model imitated by other programs in the whole world , The Opera Show was the only and the first of its kind, in addition to addressing important topics such as community symbols and their success stories, and the program dealt with historical episodes as well, and it was a comprehensive and complete success without parallel, and the program was shown in 100 countries and the opera became one of the rich and opened a production company for it and gathered a lot of Money to become after that.

Oprah’s success story and philanthropy

Oprah’s access to a life of fame and luxury did not lose her humanity, as she was one of the most benevolent personalities in the world and was a model for others in that and she performed many charitable works in the whole world and participated in helping the needy and the poor, and she was the owner of an imprint in the history of America and continued on top for many years and occupied Winfrey List of the richest people in the world and Oprah’s income in one year was approximately 225 million dollars and its fortune was estimated at 2.5 billion dollars. She won many prizes and reached greatness and achieved a success story as a broadcaster, critic, actress, philanthropist and journalist, and Oprah now owns a private plane after a life of poverty and suffering and its program is The most watched in the world and now she is dedicated to managing a group of satellite channels is its owner, and in addition to this, she devoted herself to publishing and writing and has achieved good sales numbers.

Oprah Winfrey with cancer

Oprah had cancer to start her career as a new success story as a fight against cancer, and her cancer shocked many of Oprah’s fans, as the tumor was advanced and of the fourth type, and it was discovered when doing a regular examination, and doctors said that there was no longer in Oprah Winfrey’s life much, and despite all that, the strongest women did not give up. The earth did not succumb to disease and reassured the people and admirers and said that she is fine and still able to defy the difficulties, and many mourned for this news and called for a cure for this strong and successful lady, and she is still resisting and achieving success and not defeated by disease.

And in the end of the story of Oprah Winfrey, we can not help but raise the hat to the success story of this great lady, whose story we learn to overcome troubles and despair, and this story teaches us that a person can achieve success stories despite difficulties and circumstances, difficult childhood and a society that rejects our abilities at times.

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Now that we have enjoyed the life of the most famous American news anchor, share with us your comments and stories that you may have read or heard about by commenting on this article.

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