A prayer of patience on adversity is written

Today we are reviewing with you the details of the prayer of patience over adversity written, where the prayer of patience is written on adversity, we are all exposed to trials, problems and tribulations in our lives, so we must accept the judgment of God and his destiny, and approach God Almighty with forgiveness and pray with patience in all matters of our life. And sometimes in affliction there is wisdom for the Lord of the worlds, as God Almighty tests the patience of His servants

So man should be characterized by patience and contentment with the divisive, and not weary of God’s judgment, and patience is prevention and confinement, meaning that the servant is patient with what he has afflicted, and praises and thanks God without alarm or exasperation, for God tests man with adversity to approach him with supplication and remembrance, and God responds to the call of the one who calls upon him. .

The importance of supplication with patience during affliction: –

Supplication is of great importance in the life of a Muslim man, as it is one of the most important acts of worship that God Almighty prefers and loves. And troubles, especially at times of tribulations and tribulations, for God is the answer to the call of the one who prayed, God willing.

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Supplication response times: –

  • In the dead of the night: starting from twelve o’clock after midnight, and until the dawn call to prayer, God Almighty descends at those times to see His forgiving and remembrance servants
  • In adversity and tribulations: where a person is weak and in need of the grace of his Lord and the satisfaction of his needs, then supplication at that time is done with reverence and supplication, and God Almighty will answer it
  • In Hajj or Umrah: When the servant is in the Sacred House of God, he calls upon his Lord with humility and humiliation, and pure intention, without hypocrisy or seeking interest, for he is a clean person as his mother gave birth to him, and he does not carry in his heart any grudges or grudges
  • On Friday: Friday has a great virtue and a great gift to the Lord of Glory. It is considered a feast for Muslims, and supplications on it are answered, God Almighty willing
  • On the Night of Power: God Almighty grace it and singled it out for a great deal, in the Almighty saying: “The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.”
  • During the fall of the rains: when the gates of the heavens are opened, and God Almighty answers the supplication of the Muslim servant and fulfills his needs
  • Supplication during prayer: especially at the time of prostration, when the servant is close to his Lord, and the supplication is answered before the final tashahhud and before the submission
  • The supplication of the oppressed: There is no veil between the supplication of the oppressed and the Lord of the servants, for God answers the supplication of the oppressed and does not disappoint him or his hope
  • During fasting: God answers the supplication of the fasting person, especially a few minutes before the sunset prayer
  • Supplication in the back of the unseen: If a person invokes his Muslim brother in the back of the unseen, then God will answer the supplication, and relieve hardship and distress to the one who is called and who is called to him alike, God willing.

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A supplication for patience during calamity is written: –

  • Oh God, protect me with your eyes that do not sleep, and cushion me with your corner that is not right, and preserve me with your uncompromising glory, and have mercy on me with your power, you are my confidence and my hope, I ask you to stop me from the evil of every evil, and I ask you for a near relief and beautiful patience, and I ask you for wellness from every calamity. I am in him, and I seek refuge in You from his evil, O Most Merciful, and there is no strength except in God, the Most High, the Great
  • May our Lord grant us patience and let us become Muslims, may God grant me permanent patience from you
  • Oh God, you know my secret and my openness, so accept my excuse and know my need, so give me my question and learn what is in myself, so forgive me my sins, O God, I ask you with faith that directs my heart, and sincere certainty so that I know that nothing will happen to me except what you have written on me and be satisfied with what you have divided for me, O Most Glory and Honor
  • Oh God, I complain to you my weakness and my lack of tricks, and my patience towards people, O Most Merciful You are the Lord of the vulnerable, and you are my Lord to those who trust me, to far away from me, or to an enemy whose possession is my command, so release my anguish, O Most Generous
  • My Lord, do not entrust me to anyone and do not need me to anyone, and enrich me for every one, who is the one to whom the trustworthy and upon him is approved, and he is the one, the steadfast individual, with no partner or child, take my hand from error to adulthood, and save me from all distress and distress
  • Oh God, make me of all that matter to me and make me angry about my worldly matter and the matter of my hereafter a way out and a way out, and provide me with a place where I am not counted, forgive me my sin and my hope has been established and cut off from anyone but you, so that I do not hope for anyone but you
  • There is no god but God, the Great and the All-Righteous, there is no god but God, Lord of the Great Throne, there is no god but God, Lord of the heavens and Lord of the Earth, and Lord of the Holy Throne
  • Oh God, I ask you that you are a king, and you are able to do everything and whatever matter you want
  • Oh God, I ask you for the requirements of your mercy and the wills of your forgiveness, the infallibility from every sin, the spoil from every righteousness, the safety from every sin, and you are the most merciful of the merciful.

The best supplications for patience and asking for relief are answered: –

  • O God, I seek your forgiveness for every sin I repented from to you, then I returned to it, and I seek forgiveness for all that I promised you from myself that I did not fulfill to you, and I seek your forgiveness, O scholar of the unseen and testimony of every sin that I have come to in the light of the day and the darkness of the night, in a blanket or in the desert or in secret or in public O Wise, Lord
  • O God, I seek refuge in You and the light of your face to whom the darkness shone and the matter of this world and the Hereafter is reconciled to him, that your anger descends on me, or your anger descends on me, and there is no strength or power except in God Almighty.
  • Oh God, I seek refuge in You from the effort of calamity, misery, bad judgment, and gloating by enemies
  • In the name of God, with whose name there is no harm in the earth or in the sky, and He is the All-Hearing, the Knowing
  • Oh God, I seek refuge in You from the disappearance of your grace, the transformation of your wellness, and suddenly your indignation and all your anger
  • O God, I ask you of all good, urgent and last, what I learned from and what I did not know, and I seek refuge in You from all evil, urgent and postponed, what I learned from and what I did not know
  • Oh God, I ask you of the best of what your servant and your prophet asked you, and I seek refuge in You from the evil of what your servant and your Prophet forgave.

The most beautiful supplications for patience during calamity are distinguished: –

  • O God, I ask you to Heaven and what has come close to it in terms of saying or deed, and I seek refuge in You from Hell and what has come close to it in words or deeds, and I ask You to make every judgment of its cause good for me
  • Oh God, take my hand from error to light, and grant me satisfaction in your judgment, and release my distress and distress .. O Lord of the worlds
  • Lord, explain my chest and make my affairs easy for me
  • We emptied our Lord patience, and proved our feet and give us victory, over the disbelievers
  • Oh God, oh patience, patience with what plagued me and tested me, O Most Merciful
  • Only what God has written for us will not befall us. Oh God, I do not ask you to answer the judgment, but I ask you for kindness about it
  • Our Lord does not turn our hearts yet, if you guide us and grant us mercy from You, for you are the bestower
  • Our Lord emptied us patience and lost us Muslims
  • Our Lord, reveal our torment, for we are believers … Oh God, have mercy on you.
  • Oh God, loosen my anguish and heal my grief, You are our Master, O Most Merciful
  • Oh God, grant me patience, when I have no patience, and grant me hope when I think that my energy cannot bear more .. O Lord of the worlds.

Conclusion of an essay on the supplication of patience over adversity, it is written: –

At the end of the article, the supplication of patience on adversity is written, so the Muslim person should be keen to pray at all times of his life, in good and bad times, and it is also necessary to draw close to God and to pray to Him in times of trouble and affliction, to seek patience during adversity and tribulation, for in affliction is wisdom, and God answers the call of the one If he invited him.

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And at the end of our article on the supplication of patience over adversity, it is written, I hope that God will relieve the distress of everyone and fix our conditions all. I also invite our dear readers to comment on this article by praying for all the afflicted so that the rest of them may be safe.

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