A poem about the Prophet’s birthday

A poem about the Noble Prophet’s Mawlid, it is the talk of our site today on our website platform cultural information, where we take you today between the corridors of poetry and poems that have praised our beloved Chosen One, may God bless him and grant him peace, and whoever wrote poetry and verses in it, they will not be able to describe the perfection of our noble Prophet.

What is the reason for celebrating the Prophet’s birthday?

The Islamic nation all over the world celebrates the birth of the Prophet every year by fasting along with some other manifestations of celebration, as the sky of the wilderness shone with the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, on this day, in the year of the elephant, in Mecca, specifically on the twelfth of the month Rabi al-Awwal The celebrations differ from one country to another, including reciting poems and poetry praising the Holy Prophet.

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Words and phrases on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday

How is the celebration of the birth of our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace?

The method of celebration differs from one country to another, and the aspects of celebration differ between the Arab Islamic countries themselves, which go back to ancient times, which began during the era of the Ayyubid state and then followed by the Fatimids and the Ottoman Empire, which vary between reading the Qur’an and gathering to recite poetry and poems beside religious invocations. The mosques and pulpits are decorated days before them, and on this day sweets are distributed, as they are presented to people for joy.

What is the Prophet’s birthday poem?

During the search for the details of our trip, a poem about the Prophet’s birthday was mentioned as follows:

Tears of longing overflowed in my eyes.

And the heartbeat fluttered with prisons.

My beloved soul flew away.

And think about you did not know sukoon.

Glory be to He who has made you a light.

And you are of Adam from clay origin.

God gave you his beloved.

He gave you intercession on the right hand.

And his creation testified: This is an Imam.

And a child perpetuates a day of debt.

This is the master of the world all.

This is the author of the clear opening.

Muhammad is his name in the unseen.

Next to the throne in the glory of McCain.

Oh a pen scoop O tablet underline.

O time listen, O land of Sunny.

Ahmed will come from me as a messenger.

May my grace be complete and my religion fulfilled.

A messenger of love and he is choosing me.

You, Muhammad, are in my eyes.

And she supported him by revelation light.

With the support in the honest spirit.

To guide you on a straight path.

He warns you of the sorrow of the day of indiscretion.

The Messenger has been sent to you in light.

The century of Muhammad is the best of centuries.

A poem about the Prophet’s birthday for the school radio

Allah’s Apostle I died with longing.

To you and the trunk of nostalgia shook me.

I have a soul that cares about you, but.

Torment tears her apart with whining.

My love, O Messenger of God, I am.

Left and right were deceived.

My people are always mired in war.

As if our people are a disease of madness.

We are besieged by prostitutes … we die wounded.

And they blocked the oxygen air.

Around me is a world like a wolf grazing.

He claims to be the patron of the arts.

He turns killing and corruption an art.

Minds are tampered with by the hand of the insane.

People are treated with a bloody lie.

And they are persecuted with hidden hatred.

Most people are drowned in darkness.

And the best of people are in prisons.

And the greatest fitnah in religion descended.

Wendy from her forehead.

The ignorant of us took over.

And every rude changer is treacherous.

We were torn apart by them and the Hunt.

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Search for the Prophet’s Birthday doc ready for printing

Poetry about the birth of the Prophet written

Guidance is born, so beings are light.

And the mouth of time smiles and praises.

Wandering of time over time is Sana

And its blessings by Muhammad is shining,

A light that radiates the span of time to mention it.

And in the belly of Mecca was the sunshine,

From a safe, clean, solid womb.

Creation was that a vessel,

And your vase is born with a birth.

And the Most Gracious is satisfied that,

Gabriel took a chew on her.

And the soul washes but purifies water,

Al-Muzoon water is cleansing and slime.

And on his chest was the sweetness of purity,

Gabriel honored our father’s creation.

In the cave that revelation was Hira,

All creatures adorned His light and splendor.

And the throne and the old board are evident,

The beautiful description was puzzled by its adornment.

And the description from his description of Jana,

The letter Kamel adorned his penis

The antagonist is proud, and the grudge is healing,

Described and raced.

She perfumed in the biography of poets,

Oh that great voice is His majesty.

And its splendor the Batha pleased him,

From a warning from a gifted mercy.

Warn your clan that have offended you,

And a tenth of Mecca three times later.

When the emigrant was proud of me,

Accompanied by a friend was checking out.

In the Sublime Sharia is sticky,

In the cave of ox, you are companionship.

The Prophet redeemed them for misfortunes,

And by the path of that light, there are landmarks.

To the truth there is a path that follow the dead,

And with good kindness on the mention of Muhammad.

Aws Khuzharj victory and generosity.

O supporters, that is your religion.

Victory and pride of religion and fulfillment,

With the emigrant of our companions, we enjoyed migration.

For the support of Islam a calamity will come,

In Yathrab the glue was empowerment.

And thank you in Yathrib and the readers,

The readers of this religion are forgiving brothers.

And the law of the Chosen One is a glue,

O day of thorn in our turn and make it strong.

Gabriel comes down and the angels have come,

At the archers, when his command was abandoned.

Throwing is a blessing and redemption is a ransom.

He is that loving mountain abiding.

Thank us and love us and fathers.

His forays are Badriya shoes.

And a ditch, and its tenderness is a mourning.

Poems Mawlid al-Nabi written

Good news for this universe when guidance becomes urgent,

During an era in which darkness prevailed,

The world has made its mouths open.

Light and in her divisions are for her,

The earth shall be filled with beauty and joy.

It is as if it is an urban paradise,

The branches of mankind fell asleep in its parts.

And the people flowed in its rivers,

The candle of blasphemy melted, so the sacrifice spread.

And every heartbeat is pure,

(Today, O desert, my heart, hello.

Guidance is born, beings are light,

O loose pen, beat its pulse.

The hymn of your voice, a relaxation and comfort,

Spread your song of the beloved Muhammad.

There is no secret behind the feelings of the beloved,

The children dwelt on the day they were scattered.

His breaths are in the spirit and the air,

And the mind of the thinker gained control of his memory.

So she was flamed by his longing,

A witness for all beings is their existence.

And every soul has a yard in its own air.

He is the kiss of lovers, the crescendo of their love.

And how much she was satisfied with the calamity of his members.

Songs of the Prophet’s birthday, words

The beloved was born and the sun of guidance shone.

Heaven’s gift to us and most generous.

A full moon shone brightly with his light.

And the atmosphere perfumed for him.

He was raised by his righteous, so it was for us a guidance.

The stars dazzled, his wading forehead.

He is the same in everything he has said.

By his example, and by his deed the noble people.

Pray on Him as our Lord prays.

Praying for the beloved is a medicine.

Oh best of whom God sent his creation.

They came from missionaries with all good.

You were illiterate, but you said what.

For the proverb of saying it is incapable of reverence.

Life has shaped us in the most beautiful way.

Princes did not wear it before us.

She dressed us with the garment of modesty and chastity.

I am with it and thanks to it.

Captives by the Lord to exalt his status.

And there he prayed behind him.

The doors were opened for him when he ascended.

And adorned with Arrogance Gemini.

The Lord of the people called him next to our beloved.

Ask. Give to Ahmad, a supplication should not be returned.

He is the undisputed master of morals.

No, there is no hypocrisy in the Prophet’s love.

The best prayer is upon the Prophet and his family.

For it rejoices over the Holy Land.

He will still be unable to praise Muhammad.

Speech prose and poets did not come.

Ulysse is mentioned in the call to prayer of Muhammad.

Is above this a compliment?

Poetry about the Messenger is short

All hearts tend to the beloved, and I am with this witness and evidence.

As for the evidence, if you mention Muhammad, the tears of those who know it will flow.

This is the Messenger of God, the beacon of guidance, this is a messenger for all worlds.

O master of the two cosmos, oh science of guidance, this dead inmate is in your protection

If you had come across me, I would visit good, and the palms are beautiful.

This is the Messenger of God, this Chosen One, this Lord of the worlds is a Messenger.

This is the one who returned the eyes with his palm when they seemed to flow over the cheeks.

This cloud covered him if he walked, it would be removed if the beloved was dismissed.

This is the one who honored the shrine with its body.

Oh Lord, I praised Muhammad for his rewards, and the praise is very much.

May God bless you, O knowledge of guidance.

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At the end of our trip with the beloved Al-Mustafa and the details of our topic, a poem about the Prophet’s birthday, I hope that the topic of today won your admiration.

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