A poem about the 6th of October War written

A poem about the October 6 war written, today we will present to you a poem about the October 6 war written since October is one of the wars in which many poems were written, because it is a new stage in the history of Egypt.

This war took place between Egypt and the Zionist enemy, and as a result of this war the Zionist enemy was defeated and Egypt won, and we will learn many poems about October 6.

Words about the 6th of October War: –

  • The October War of 1973 AD and was between Egypt and Syria on the one hand, and Israel on the other side, and during this war the Zionist entity received a severe blow at the hands of the Egyptian armed forces, by penetrating our great forces the Bar Lev line, which is the line that the Israeli forces established for The Egyptian forces did not cross the usurped lands, which is the Sinai Peninsula.
  • The Egyptian forces succeeded for a distance of 20 kilometers on the eastern side of the canal, but the Egyptian forces did not complete their advance in the depth of the Sinai, and this was due to the American aid provided by America to Israel.
  • The cause of the October War was the failure to resolve the conflicts in 1976 CE, and Israel’s rejection of the decision to return the land of Sinai to the Egyptians, and it refused to withdraw from it, and this was the beginning of the actual war.

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Information about the 6th of October War: –

  • The October War broke out between Egypt and Israel in 1973 AD, and the Egyptian and Syrian forces together attacked the Zionist army that usurped the lands of Sinai and the Golan Heights, and many Arab countries participated in this war, whether through military or economic support.
  • This war was called by many names, including the October War, the Tenth of Ramadan War, and the October War.
  • The Egyptian and Syrian forces achieved the great victory, which is the victory over the Israeli army, as the Egyptian forces crossed the Suez Canal by smashing the Bar Lev Line, by incursion about 20 meters into the Sinai.
  • The Syrian army managed to penetrate the Golan Heights on the opposite side, until it reached the Hula Plain.
  • The Egyptian army opened the deflector gap and crossed its front after the Israeli forces returned to their strength, and the Egyptian army reached the West Bank with the Suez Canal, and the army imposed a siege on the city of Suez.
  • The Israeli forces failed to achieve any strategic gains, whether by occupying Suez or Ismailia.
  • On the Syrian front, the Israeli forces managed to control the Golan Heights again. The United States intervened in order to compensate for the losses that the free government brought to Israel, through the air bridge between the United States and Israel in order to supply the second with modern weapons.
  • At the same time, the Syrian and Egyptian army relied on weapons from the Soviet Union.

A poem about the 6th of October War written: –

The October 6 War is one of the wars that indicate the pride and glory of the Egyptians, as it is the great victory that Egypt achieved during the past years and which will remain forever, and there is a wonderful poem by Salah Abdel-Sabour and we will explain a poem about the October 6 War written:

Your pupils, when I live on the white screen,

Your face blurs the scholars,

And your hands raise it,

To fly in the sun’s orbit,

Free face penetrated,

But this face would appear, then disappear.

I only glimpsed your flower smile and eyes,

The screen did not announce to us your name or a name.

But how did a name there contain you?

And you are in your greatest moment,

It turned into a meaning, such as the meaning of love, the meaning of goodness, the meaning of light, the meaning of supreme power.

And you are in the arena of eternity, between God’s shadow and property

See you, and you make a verse, and you write a history

See you, you are the closest you can be

To the sun’s orbit and the orbit

The image of things in the eyes shifted

And that decree became their alarm

I saw you sycamore trunk on a canal

I saw you grabbed a piece of the pyramids rock

I saw you a wall from the side of the castle

I saw you a splash of water from the Nile

It stood on two legs

To fly in the run note

Flying in the sun’s orbit

Free face smiling

A poem about 6 October colloquially: –

The Yom Kippur War was not an ordinary war, but rather a historical epic that generations have been talking about through different eras, as it is the war in which the Egyptian forces achieved a great victory over the Israeli army.

October, my date engraved

Joanna with letters of light

Joanna would prefer the memory

Yesterday, today, and early

On six, we changed the idea

We defeated the conceited army

Before you delusion our families

Joanna was a broken man

We have changed our fate

And our dreams saw the light

Before you grieve Malena

He lived in the arms of our nights

And we passed our promise

And the Egyptian had to say

A poem about the October victory: –

Generation of victory is the most important coming

All my children will make Egypt

A solid and promising future

Look how do you bring victory

From their longing for Saladin

The October generation is the generation of victory

They walked and counted for years

And step by the tools of the times

And they race with millions of dreams

If you want, we will be victorious

He remains unhappy and sad

Just work and science of the age

We present it with faith and certainty

A poem about the October 6 war: –

In the name of the one who raised the sky a building .. We gained a victory in existence, he lit up

We won a victory for the crossing over it … in the lightest worlds

They said, Ibn Masr, his hands are too short to see .. What was Bar-Lev, Ezz and Taa

Forts have barriers that do not go up to … or follow a rich and beautiful trail

They had planned an idea that dazzled Noha .. and that would be punished by intelligence and intelligence

They said that if Ibn Kenana tried to demolish the wall, he would not have been able to destroy it

Or then only took his cannons .. to destroy themselves with fatigue

Or as much as the ants were able to reach .. From a corner of dullness that they wanted in vain

Do ants transport mountains by carrying them … Tons of rock to dress Shama?

And if the army of the Nile descended from its horizons … it split the open space and poured water

In it the heads are the fruits of their bodies .. and their bodies appear to be in pieces

And their graves were scattered with their lines … their stomachs contain guts

Daraghm crossed the canal from above … and Nisour Jaw went to Al-Ghobra

The quivering bombers … the radiators became their parts

The bones of the Israeli soldiers were crushed in .. east of the canal, they were annihilated

The winds of death blew through their horizons … they scattered their homes and annihilation

God is great, O eagles of our sky..I liberated your land, find and space

And you threw shells and usury into the sea … and the ordinary ones laughed from you as a result

Woe to Diane and Gold Meir … if Rabin wanted the high

We have defeated those who seek expansion … in a land of Arab dignity and honor

Come back, O Dian, lamenting her collar … And to Gold Meir, she rose up in tears

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Hisham Al-Jakh’s poem on the 6th of October War: –

The October War is one of the important wars that can be taught because it includes through great historical events, and there are many poets who wrote many poems about the October War, including Hisham Al-Jakh’s poem about the October War, namely: –

The men crossed the Channel

Victory is not easy

And the blood on the sand shed

And the expensive one deserves

They crossed the men fasting

Swearing the oath of victory

And the life of Saladin to pray in you era

The Jews are crazy

Malqosh is a place other than Egypt

Exactly adjust it

And the leech was death

And they came out, but talk

And we gave us the voice said

And every day the case and saying and saying

Information, lies and falsehood

Why were you a man I built, Les Bar-Lev ?!.

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The conclusion of a poem about the 6th of October War written: –

With the conclusion of a poem about the October 6 War, written as the October War is a great patriotic epic in which the Egyptian army achieved a great victory over the Israeli forces, and we hope that we have informed you of the information mentioned in this article, and we await your participation on this topic.

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