A guaranteed mixture to slim the triggers in just a week

A guaranteed mixture to slim the triggers in just a week is our gift to you today, some women may suffer from the presence of sagging in their hands, which makes them feel embarrassed by the appearance of their arm, so he began to search for a good way to help her in dealing with this problem, and in order to offer you help, my dear, we will present you now an article A guaranteed mixture to slim the triggers in just a week, follow us.

3 mixes to lose triggers in a week only:

1- eggs, ginger, and apple cider vinegar:

Prepare one egg white, then add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to it, and sprinkle on them a medium amount of grated ginger, and start mixing them until its consistency becomes coherent, then paint the log area and leave the mixture on it until you feel that it is completely dry, then apply an amount A second and leave it to dry, until an hour has passed while you repeat the same process.

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2- turmeric:

Prepare three tablespoons of fine turmeric, and a cup of hot or warm water, start mixing them together in a suitable bowl, then brush the trigger area and leave it on for at least an hour or a quarter, and after that time, wash it with warm water.


Mix one teaspoon of starch powder, and add a tablespoon of olive oil to it, and mix them well until a cohesive mixture is formed like honey, then add one teaspoon of bran, and start massaging the amount of the previous ingredients on the log area and leave it for half an hour after that wash it with water Cold, and to get a result within a week, use this method daily.

After we have presented you with a guaranteed mixture to slim the triggers in just a week, we will offer you some exercises that will help you slim this area.

Trigger slimming exercises:

1- Dumbbell exercises:

Holding a dumbbell in each hand and standing at the same level as shoulder width, the trigger area is raised to the sides at shoulder height, with the palm area raised.

The body bends 90 degrees, keeping the upper arms parallel to the floor and the shoulders down, and the arms are extended, so that the palms face each other, then the elbows are bent with less weights behind the head. Repeat this exercise 15 to 25 times.

2- Shoulder retraction:

Work the shoulders, chest and backs, get a push-up position on your hands (they stay wider than the shoulders), knees, and toes off the ground, then tighten the abdominal muscles so that your body is aligned from the knees to the head.

Then lower the left shoulder towards the ground, looking to the right, press up and repeat this movement, then lower the right shoulder to the same level as the second, do 12 to 24 times of this exercise, stop if you feel tired.

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3- Stand:

Standing with feet remaining wide and squatting, then walking side by side with hands under the chest, fingers at an angle, with the chest lowered, then pressing the feet and your hands in an upright position, repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times.

4- Dumbbell side:

Works to strengthen the basic biceps and shoulders, holding the dumbbell in the left hand and lying down with the left side on the stability ball until your upper arm rests on the ball, with the legs advancing and extending his left arm towards the floor, making it face the palm.

Turning the palm to the right with the elbow raised to shoulder height, then return to the starting position, repeat this exercise 15 to 25 times.

Tips to help you slim the body and the trigger area:

1- Drink plenty of mineral water:

Make sure to drink eight or more cups of pure spring water between meals to maintain your appetite, support metabolism and burn fat, do not drink more than a few ounces of meals because consuming large amounts of water during meals can reduce stomach acidity and impair digestion. .

Drinking pure spring water throughout the rest of the day helps balance stress hormones, which can increase even if you suffer from mild dehydration. Stay away from soft drinks, coffee, and sugary sports drinks that pretend to be water because it is not your daily water intake.

2- Eat a fat-free breakfast to slim down triggers:

Research shows that people who eat a balanced breakfast of nutrients, lean proteins, high-fiber carbohydrates and healthy fats lose more weight especially in that area.

3- Muscle supply:

Lean proteins – high-fiber carbohydrates are key to replenishing your tired muscles, amino acids from protein support muscle growth, plus the body uses carbohydrates to replenish them from your energy stores.

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4- Drink green tea:

Green tea has many benefits, including weight loss. Although green tea contains low amounts of caffeine, it contains powerful antioxidants called catechins, which are believed to work synergistically with caffeine to enhance fat burning.

5- Intermittent fasting:

Intermittent fasting is a common dietary pattern in which people switch between periods of fasting and eating, and short-term studies indicate that intermittent fasting is effective for weight loss as continuous caloric restriction, in addition, it may increase the loss of fat mass associated with the redness area.

6- Reducing the amount of added sugar:

Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients in the diet, and most people consume too much of it.

Studies show that sugar consumption is strongly associated with an increased risk of obesity, as well as conditions that include diabetes.

7.Eat more fiber.

Fiber is often recommended for weight loss, and some studies show that fiber (especially viscous fiber) can increase satiety and help you control your weight in the long term.

8- Eat vegetables and fruits a lot:

Vegetables and fruits have many properties that make them effective for losing weight, as they contain few calories.

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Thus, we may have presented to you through this article a guaranteed mixture to slim the triggers in a week only with some exercises that will help you slim this area, with some good tips for slimming, read the previous mixtures with doing these exercises and you will get amazing results.

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