A detailed feasibility study of the liquid soap industry

, There are many different projects carried out by young people, or business to meet the market need for some products, or to provide some job opportunities for young people, and there are some small projects carried out by some people in a small place or even at home, you do not need to head a small capital Rather, it only needs the persistence and determination of young people, and you need correct ways to advertise the project, and we will present to you in this article on cultural facts, one of the distinctive projects that do not need a large capital, and do not require much labor, only some raw materials and a place dedicated to manufacturing Soap. Here is a detailed explanation of the feasibility study of the liquid soap industry project .

Feasibility study of the liquid soap industry project in detail:

Young people or some women resort to starting a soap production project in particular, to achieve a distinct profit, especially that there are many types of different soaps that contain caustic substances or harmful chemicals, but with the production in particular in proper ways, it provides you with a space for sale distinctively in the markets And this project has certain goals that must be taken into consideration to start it.

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Liquid soap industry project:

1- Establishing a small factory to produce liquid soap with the highest degree of perfection at the lowest costs, to serve the community and provide a local product with high quality, at special prices.

2- Working to reduce unemployment in society, and providing job opportunities for young people, in working on the production and marketing of liquid soap.

. 3- Continuing production and working to increase production in order to maintain and increase profits, and to work on marketing well for the products that are manufactured.

4- Improving the income of the owners of working families, and increasing the salaries that workers receive after achieving profits.

5- Employment of manpower and provision of work for all groups of girls and young men.

6- The project also aims to reduce imports from abroad, especially liquid soap and some other detergents that some people may resort to importing due to the lack of production in the country.

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Liquid soap project cost detail:

This project needs a place dedicated to making and storing detergents and a place equipped in a special way so that the products that are manufactured will not be damaged, and the number of workers reaches 10-11 workers, and this is also determined by the size of the manufacturing for soap, the place that is allocated to the project, and you need some Raw materials for the manufacture of liquid soap, as well as cans, jerry cans or jars, filling soap, after its manufacture.

Presumably available space for the implementation of the liquid soap production project:

The implementation of the liquid soap production project requires an area of ​​no less than 80 square meters, this area is not limited to its use in production only, but also in storage, and the place is required to be comfortable and well-ventilated, to ensure that the products are not damaged.

Several services must be available in this region, including: – Water, electricity, good natural ventilation and sewage networks, and it is preferable for the area to be close to traders and the trading market, to provide transportation costs and to be easy to handle, which increases demand.

Conditions that must be met in the area used in the project

The process of producing liquid soap is a very easy process that anyone can do after going through a good training period, and there are some chemists who specialize in providing assistance to you in obtaining the raw materials needed to make soap.

The most important tools used in the production of liquid soap

In order for production to be carried out in a good and accurate manner, it is necessary to have some equipment and tools necessary in the production of liquid soap, which are tools for melting and filling containers, and the materials necessary for the production of liquid soap, providing a moving belt, providing an oven or stove, and it is also recommended to provide the necessary tools for the protection and safety of workers.

The properties that should distinguish this product from liquid soap

There are a set of conditions and characteristics that must be met when producing a liquid soap project, namely:

1- Physical stability

The color fastness means that the liquid soap is stable and the materials used will stick to each other and not separate.

2- Chemical stability

It means the stability of the interaction between the chemicals used, the stability of the active substance used in the production of liquid soap , for the longest possible period, and the non-influence of the chemicals on the materials to be cleaned, or in other words, their non-interaction with them.

3- Economic stability

That is, the costs used in production are fixed, and this is the cost of raw materials.

Raw materials and raw materials required for the liquid soap project

The necessary materials for the production of liquid soap must be available, and these materials include:

Caustic soda – silicate solution – sulfonite solution – vinegar – glycerin – red eyeliner – ammonia – industrial colors – fragrances – linseed oil – turpentine oil – Alexandrian wax – aspidage – soft pumice stone.

Stages of manufacturing liquid soap

First, quantities and percentages of materials used in the manufacture of liquid soap:

1- Caustic soda 4%.

2- Sulfonite 04.%.

3- Fragrances on demand.

4- Glycerin as required.

Second, how to prepare liquid soap

Half of the water is placed in a stainless steel container, which is not subject to reaction with chemicals, then put the caustic soda in the water and stir until it cools.

Then we put half of the other water in another stainless steel container, and it is also not subject to reaction with chemicals, then put the sulfonite and stir.

After that we put a solution of caustic soda with a solution of sulfonite diluted with water.

Put on this mixture the silicates, glycerin and aromas, and stir for a while until this mixture mixes with each other.

Then the mixture is packed into the containers designated for it and then packed.

Marketing method for liquid soap project

There are several proposals for marketing this product, including:

1- An agreement by the project owner with the wholesalers to provide them with the product continuously.

2- Carrying out patrols to supply the product to owners of small stores, such as supermarkets and detergents.

3- Participating in exhibitions that enable the owner of the project to display the product, such as annual exhibitions and small projects fairs.

4- Opening a small store and selling the product in it, to be able to distribute your product continuously.

Expected profits of the liquid soap manufacturing project

This project results in a lot of profits at the lowest costs, and due to the demand for this type of product and the increase and continuing need for it, the rate of return of the project reaches 60%, and the project owner can recover what he put in the capital in the project in a period of time ranging between two and three years And that is if he is walking according to sound steps and does not hesitate to make any effort.

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This was a brief summary of the feasibility study of the liquid soap industry project in detail, as it is one of the profitable, good and easy-to-implement projects that do not need a large cost and a large capital, only you need some raw materials and a place designated for making soap, and then you need simple marketing methods Through it, you can reach the largest number of customers everywhere, and you can read more about the project and how you can supply and enlarge the project to become bigger and bigger, and you can create your own brand that enables you to enter the market in a distinctive and large way, serving the community in providing a safe product, and it serves young people In providing job opportunities, and it serves you in providing a good financial return, and you can follow more profitable projects on the site, Cultural Facts.

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