7 ways to overcome loneliness

Feeling lonely is one of the most difficult feelings for a person to face, it hinders the feelings of a lonely person and may lead him to a major depression stage, the worst part of feeling lonely is that you may be surrounded by people from everywhere but feel lonely and separated from them, but it is good Your luck, there are several things that you can do in order to overcome them, so you should be optimistic and not despair, as there are those who care about you, and you will be able to overcome this feeling if you work on that.

There are differences between feeling lonely or actually being alone:

Your feeling of loneliness is not affected by your current situation or your social activities. People may surround you, but you always feel lonely, although you may sit alone without any people around and never feel lonely.

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Your feeling of loneliness is the feeling of being detached from within.

As for being a lonely person, it is when you find yourself without any people around you.

You might be surrounded by all of the people around you but you still feel lonely.

Try to understand the feeling of loneliness you are feeling better:

Think about everything you love and what makes you feel uncomfortable, because you may feel lonely while all the people are around you, while you feel more connected in small groups, and the only solution that will help you move forward is to recognize situations that do not make you comfortable, and get to know Any circumstances that may make you feel alone or uncomfortable.

Do you prefer to meet your friends in a small gathering?

How do you feel when you meet some people in cafes or in a club or social events or any gathering in an open place?

Do you feel uncomfortable in large gatherings of people you all know well?

Think about your past:

There may be many bad experiences in your past that may have contributed to your feeling of loneliness now, the best thing to do at the beginning is to start with yourself, until you test whether this is the reason is really true or not, and if you are sure that it is the source of your feeling of loneliness, then you You will know the causes of these feelings and be able to deal with them better.

Maybe you were neglected or someone mistreated you when you were young, from people who should have taken care of you.

You may have been experiencing neglect or any classmate harassment.

You may have been feeling negative emotions because you were suffering from any physical or mental injury, or because of your race or gender.

How do you get rid of your loneliness?

1. Get help from professionals:

Find a professional so that you can talk to him about your feelings, whether this specialist is a doctor or a psychotherapist or a social worker, so that he helps you to re-search your own past and determine the causes of the loneliness that afflicts you and your discomfort, and it may not You think that it is important to go to a professional, but if the feeling of loneliness disrupts your social relationships or hinders you from progressing in your normal life, then you should look for a professional to help you.

You can acquire many tools, skills and a new solution from psychological therapy, in order to help you to improve, and psychological treatment is a very necessary support for you.

2. Be a loyal person:

Do not let your desire to merge with people turn you into a person different from your reality, focus on yourself and within you more than you focus on any influences from outside, and be proud of yourself, and you will find people who want more in their communication with you.

Emphasize yourself that your opinion is important.

Continuously support your character.

Don’t let your desire to merge with people and fear that people will reject you will prevent you from being a different person and being yourself.

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To eliminate loneliness:

3. Get close to your relatives and friends:

Choose a close friend or one of your trusted relatives, and open up to him about your problem, and you will find that everyone who cares about your issue will try to help you and support you in your communication with others and your exit from this situation and your feeling of negativity, you will get very strong support It is one of the essentials in feeling connected to all of the people around you.

Your friend or relative will understand how lonely you are.

He or she might give you advice that benefits you or have a view that disagrees with your own about your feelings.

This friend or relative will try to help you feel loved and supported.

4. Find someone who is similar to you:

One of the most important reasons that make you feel lonely is that you are among a group of people who love social activities and people that start more than you, or this group may not share your same culture with you, so a good way in which you can overcome your feeling of loneliness is to do research About someone like you who can communicate with you and mix with you in an easy way, and there are things that you can try through:

Talk to several people until you find someone who looks like you.

Try to ask everyone you meet about the place where he grew up, his current place of residence, what he studied or his work, and through these questions you can get to know your common characteristics between you and them.

Do not impose on yourself that no one is alike.

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Steps to overcome loneliness:

5. Listen to others:

Sometimes your feeling of loneliness may arise from your feeling of stress or fatigue where you are not able to communicate with other people, so you have to try to listen to others in a better way, there are many people who go out and also like to talk about themselves and their feelings, and look at this matter. As an opportunity for you, and you will enjoy listening to them.

6. Do a professional conversation:

Practice dialogue with different people and get accustomed to mixing with people, thus when you find that you are among a large group of people, you will feel very comfortable because you are able to communicate with them in the best way.

Talk to people about topics that you have in common, for example where you grew up with some of you, the school you learned at, or your mutual friends.

Talk to them about any event of the day such as the weather, sports, or things happening around you.

Don’t try to get talking about your interests at the expense of their interests.

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7. Push yourself to communicate with people:

You may feel the feeling of loneliness among a group of people because you are not used to socializing with many people, and one of the ways that will help you overcome this is to push yourself to communicate and integrate with many people and not to move away from them, and you can master this skill with many From practice, the more you integrate and socialize with people, the easier it will be, and you will feel very comfortable while talking with people and making many new friendships.

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