7 tips for getting positive energy in the human body

7 tips for obtaining positive energy, what is the meaning of this, and what is the benefit of having positive energy in the first place, come with me. At the beginning, I will tell you a short story. I will cast some shade on the meaning and usefulness of positive energy before I give you advice.

It is said that over a mountain there was a strong and tall eagle who made its nest between the edges of the mountain, and that eagle was grazing four eggs and waiting for them four beautiful eagles, but suddenly there was a loud earthquake, and the nest shook, and one of those four eggs fell from it and then it rolled until it reached a chicken coop Then they thought that they had to take care of that egg, so one of the old hens volunteered to take care of it.

Indeed, after a short time, a beautiful eagle came out, but this eagle thought it was a chicken, and lived the life of a chicken, and one day while playing in the hen, he saw in the sky eagles flying high and wished to fly like them, but the hens met that wish mockingly and he surrendered to that until he grew He died while he still believed that he was a chicken that could not fly.

If this bird had positive energy in its life and did not succumb to the chickens around it; To fly high in the sky, and this is how our life is, if we do not fill it with positive energy, we will live between the pits, either you live as an eagle or remain a hen, and as Knight and Angel says:

“Human energy if it were connected to a country, it could be a generator of electricity in that country for a whole week.”

Come on, my friend, to know how to get that positive energy in your body and your life.

7 tips for getting positive energy in the human body:

1- Beware of the negative atmosphere at home:

The house is your life in which you spend most of the time and your energy affects it directly, whether it is positive or negative energy, so the colors of the walls, the drawings and inscriptions on the walls, the antiques of books and people, the arrangement of furniture in the corners of the house, and even the prayers inside the house, all of that create a kind of energy ; So, constantly rearrange your home so that you feel positive in yourself and comfortable in your body, do not let anything inside your house draw you towards negative energy.

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2- Do not take a cigarette while warm:

Maybe the cigarette is just a symbol of everything that wastes your health and strength, some people say that their mood becomes bad without the cigarette and its sisters, and I say to him maybe, but believe me, it is a delicious fake feeling like hallucinogen and opium, but it takes away your positive energy and turns it into a completely negative that drains your capabilities slowly, and your health quickly, You always skip a cigarette for more dangerous things that threaten your whole life.

3.Always meditate.

Even if you do not have just one minute, take a breath and hold meditation makes you communicate to your highest levels of energy, and connects you to the depth of your thoughts I have been used in the most difficult circumstances to meditate even when problems occur, sit to meditate until I completely clear my mind that it is a priority and not a luxury, able to To obtain positive energy from it, and completely get rid of negative energy.

4.Notice your thoughts and control them.

There is a famous saying that says that thoughts turn into things that choose the good from them, that the mind throws at us a huge set of thoughts every day, and unfortunately most of them are negative, and if we do not notice them, they will drain our positive energy because every idea that comes to you will affect you so imagine with me if you can change your negative thoughts And it turned into a positive.

Make them happy and bright ideas, it is true that they will not turn into beautiful things in the blink of an eye, because they need work, but start with one kilogram of positive thoughts, then turn them into a ton .. Then you will notice the difference.

5.Change your diet.

Do you know that there are some foods that increase your positive energy, and others make you feel weak and negative, for example the second type, for example, foods covered with pesticides, and also industrial grains that depend on flour, dairy, sugars, canned and chemically treated foods, as for foods that give your body energy Positive, for example, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, virgin olive oil, fish and others. It is true that all these foods do not have an effect on everyone, but you measure yourself and decide.

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6- Don’t listen to melancholic songs:

The world is walking in its back. This is the case with most popular songs, and also many other songs that are filled with frustrating meanings of loss, abandonment, betrayal and insignificance, and what applies to songs applies to films and serials, whether they are sad or those that are filled with betrayal and crime. From you and turning it into distress, distress and frustration. This is the sixth tip of 7 tips for gaining positive energy and there is only one left, so continue with me

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7- Empathy and Forgiveness:

Try to forgive people and make your heart free from all negative emotions and depressing memories and empty your heart of hate and hatred, forgive all people. Perhaps clearing your heart and your bed brought peace and tranquility to your soul and charged it instead of negative feelings into positive feelings.

Experience compassion for the circumstances around you and do not be a judge or executioner. After that, you will feel the difference in your life and your energy.

Apply these 7 tips for obtaining positive energy, and you may apply more applications and you will feel that your life is full of potential and positivity. Tomorrow more gradually do so, and if you want to move the mountain, turn it into a stone.

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