44 information about the secrets of the collapse and fall of Andalusia

44 Information about the secrets of the collapse and fall of Andalusia, Andalusia is one of the Islamic countries that were inaugurated, which was indicative of the greatness of Muslims and their ability to fight any country, no matter how great and powerful. The Islamic State and the spread of Islam.

Conquest of Andalusia :-

  • Andalusia was conquered in the 92nd year of the emigration of the Messenger of God, and this conquest was considered one of the great conquests in the Islamic era, and through this conquest the Muslims were able to spread Islam in all areas in Andalusia.
  • The Muslims established their state, which lasted for a long period of time, as it lasted for 800 years, and the Muslims saw a great prosperity in them.
  • It is known that the country of Andalusia was enjoying civilization and sophistication, in addition to the great culture, which resulted in a life of happiness and wealth that Muslims lived.
  • Andalusia was characterized by fertile land, abundance of water, in addition to the distinct climate, and Andalusia had a large number of Arab scholars.
  • Thanks to these scholars, they were studying the children of the rich Europeans who were sent to learn from them.
  • These scholars had a strong influence on these young people, and were able to instill the value of the Arabic language within them, as these students were proud that they had the ability to speak Arabic.
  • Andalusia was also distinguished by the wisdom of its kings and princes, as the Christian kingdoms used to seek the help of these kings to solve the conflicts and problems that were facing them.
  • These problems were a good opening for Muslims, as the Islamic army used to intervene to solve these problems, in return for giving them lands and horses.
  • But this land did not last in the hands of the Muslims, if the enemies of Islam were able to overthrow Andalusia, and it would return again under foreign rule.

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44 facts about the secrets of the collapse and fall of Andalusia: –

There are many information that can be found through the history of the collapse and fall of Andalusia, including:

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The beginnings of the collapse of Andalusia: –

  • Andalusia began to collapse in successive periods, and the first manifestation of the collapse was the distance from the religion of God, and the failure to adhere to its rules and principles.
  • Drinking alcohol and substances that go with the mind was widespread, and this was not sufficient, as there was no limit to the person who drinks alcohol.
  • Vices and immorality spread in Andalusia, without taking into account borders, in addition to the spread of singing and music.
  • The slave women who had been destroyed by Islam appeared, but the princes made schools for them to teach singing, and singers and singers brought closer to the kings, who used to give them abundant money.
  • Luxury spread throughout Andalusia, and people in Andalusia began to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things.
  • The luxury of food, drink, and clothing increased, which pushed them away from protecting the earth, and striving for the sake of God in order to spread Islam.
  • Muslims have tended to build palaces and use money in matters far from the Islamic religion, and it is said that luxury makes a person cling to the world and forget the hereafter.
  • Also, luxury did not stop only from clothing, food and drink, but also deprived themselves of intellectual and mental luxury, and distracted them from building civilization, progress, and the race of nations.
  • Andalusia made itself a closed country, shutting itself off in order to invest its money in its worldly baggage, indifferent to what is happening around them.
  • The period of decline and collapse was also marked by Muslims’ loyalty to enemies, such as the Crusaders, who became loved ones, instead of being a target to spread the Islamic religion.
  • The participation of rulers and kings in the destruction of Andalusia: –

    The rulers played a large role in the fall of Andalusia through what they faced.

  • The rulers and kings of Andalusia also established strong relations from the Crusader side, in addition to bringing them into participation in governance.
  • These kings sought help from the Crusaders in the wars, and established covenants and covenants with them that increase their power and their interference in Islamic rule.
  • The Islamic rule has reached the stage of humiliation and brokenness, and the best evidence is what Hussam al-Dawla did by congratulating the King of Spain on the occupation of Toledo, and the king responded to him as a monkey as a gift, which is what Hussam al-Dawla considered pride.
  • The conflict between Muslim kings and their rulers became over rule and worldly possessions, in addition to disputes between them.
  • Jihad became a far cry from thought and trends at that time. After the rulers were racing to wage jihad and the conquest of nations, to add glory to Islam and their state, judgment became the goal.
  • The occurrence of many differences between the kings and the different sects, where a conflict occurred between the Arabs and the Berbers, as well as disputes between Muslims within the state of Andalusia.
  • Power struggles by relatives, and each other was killed in order to gain power, as many Muslims were killed in these conflicts.
  • The weak will of Muslims, and their unwillingness to defend the truth, as a result of these conflicts and the many murders in the country.
  • The insignificance and superficiality of the conflicts, which were indicative of the emptiness of the minds of Muslims at the time, was the least thing capable of destroying an entire town.
  • Scholars had no role at that time, as scholars tended to gain the sultan’s approval by cheating and deceiving for the sake of money.
  • The scholars stopped jihadist sermons, urged young people to jihad, and set up their educational and awareness-raising role, and turned to minor matters.
  • Rulers have great support for injustice and oppressors, and not to stand by the right, and away from the prohibition of evil.
  • The fall of Andalusia: –

  • The scholars had a greater role in the fall of Andalusia, from the constant call not to jihad, but to leave Andalusia and sacrifice it, as if it were not a Muslim country.
  • And the actual fall of Andalusia began, when the Christian call began to call for the return of Andalusia from the Muslims, and the desire to control it.
  • The first Christian movement began with the Battle of Covadonga, which is known as the Battle of the Court of the Martyrs, in order to control Andalusia and place it under their rule.
  • The movements of the Muslim army were led by Abd al-Rahman al-Ghafiqi, as he moved with the Muslim army, and headed to the Pyrenees.
  • The first move, by misleading the Christians, was to turn east.
  • This Muslim leader was able to achieve many victories in the battles in these areas, where he won in the city of Arles and Duchy.
  • Then he headed to the Jaron River, and achieved a great victory, and was able to occupy Bardal.
  • However, these victories did not last for long, as the Battle of the Martyrs’ Court took place between him and the Franks led by Karl, which resulted in the defeat of the Muslims and the martyrdom of this leader.
  • With this painful defeat, a negative impact occurred on the Islamic State, as the Islamic conquests towards Europe stopped.
  • After the state of Andalusia lasted for long periods, the process of establishing kingdoms by the Franks began in the north of Spain.
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    Seeking help from non-Muslims in the fall of Andalusia: –

    The help of Muslims with non-Muslims was a strong reason for the fall of Andalusia and for falling under the control of the Christians.

  • When the state of “Bani Dhi Noon” was established in Toledo, which led to a conflict between King Zaragoza and the king of Bani Dhi Noon.
  • This conflict led to the fact that each of them sought and sought help from the Christians in Spain.
  • After these conflicts and problems, the two kingdoms were united, under the command of King Alfonso VI, who was able to unify the kingdoms of Castile and León.
  • After that, this king went to establish a siege on Toledo, in order to seek the fall of Andalusia, which is the main stronghold of the Muslims.
  • The Muslims could not confront this enemy, and they did not find any support from any kings, which led to the aggravation of the situation.
  • Al-Mutawakkil bin Al-Aftas sent a large army to save the Muslims inside Toledo, but this army suffered a reprehensible defeat.
  • This king was killed during the battle that took place between him and the Franks.
  • The siege of Toledo remained for a very long period, as the siege lasted for 9 months.
  • This blockade affected the Muslims negatively, as they suffered from severe hunger.
  • This great suffering, has made Muslims resort to seeking reconciliation with the Franks.
  • These attempts failed, as King Francois VI did not accept until after all Toledo had been handed over and control of it.
  • Indeed, what he wanted had happened to him, as the Muslims gave up the city of Toledo, and the fall of Andalusia occurred and Andalusia became under Christian rule, and with this, Andalusia fell from the hands of the Muslims.
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    At the end of our detailed journey on 44 facts about the secrets of the collapse and fall of Andalusia, we must know the Islamic history well, and we must benefit from this history, so that we do not fall again under this error, which had led before that to abandoning Andalusia.

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