33 tips to increase brain energy and make it more active

The brain is the one that controls the course of your life and is entirely responsible for everything that a person does.

His left side is the flag and his right side is wisdom.

The brain is what determines how you think, how you feel, how you behave, and how you communicate with the people around you.

The brain is the one that decides what your personality is, and it determines how you should be a thinker and how polite or rude you are.

That is why we will mention to you many ways to increase brain energy:

Grow your brain cells:

Studies have proven that a person who exercises makes their mind better.

For this, do a light jog.

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Train your brain:

Not only is exercise what makes your brain cells active, there are also discovering new methods of working, traveling to new places or undertaking new artistic activities.

The bottom line is that you do something new to force yourself to get out of the routine.

Ask and say why?

Make yourself a curious person.

Ask yourself why this thing happened?

The best way to train your mind is curiosity by asking why?

Make the Why question a new habit and say it at least 10 times a day, the brain will be more happy and you will be amazed by the opportunities and solutions that will appear in your life and in your work.

Laugh :

Scientists said that laughter is good for our health, as it frees us from the inside and supports energy within the nervous system.

Laughter is a good emotion that helps reduce any stress and also breaks the old pattern, and that is why laughter is a fast charger for our brains.

Take omega-3:

Omega-3s are found in walnut trees, flax seeds, and fish most often.

It helps blood circulation to pump oxygen to the head, but it also improves the functions of the membranes that surround the brain cells.

Ways to increase brain energy:

Try to remember:

Find old photo albums and relive memories, let your brain think about memories and it will respond with positive emotions.

Fat reduction:

Fats reduce the flow of oxygen in the blood to your brain and also slow the burning process of glucose.

But you can eat fats that are found in fish, olive oil, and nuts.

Solve the puzzles:

Like doing crossword puzzles or arranging puzzles, which are pieces that you have to arrange into a picture.

Solve puzzles in your free time, as it is a powerful way to stimulate your brain and keep it working well.

Solve puzzles for fun, while simultaneously training your brain.

Activate the brain and increase its energy:

Improve your skills at the thing you do:

Work on improving skills while doing daily tasks such as reading, drawing, computer work and sewing.

That is, reading books in multiple and new fields, learning new drawing techniques, working on new programs in the computer, training in the much complex sewing Patron.

That is, push your brain to new heights that help your brain to be healthy and healthy.

Stay away from addiction:

It is true that alcoholic drinks kill and destroy brain cells, and in fact, they are more than this.

The memory of the addict is reduced and destroyed, and the growth of new cells in the brain stops in the region of the “pair of the brain.

This explains the harmful effect of alcohol, which prevents the addict from rebuilding himself afterwards.


Set a specific time to play ball, play video games, and chess.

Not important What do you play? Just play because it is very good for your soul and your mind, and this gives your mind a chance to think logically and keep you working better.

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Think about something and sleep:

It turns out that seeing some information right before you sleep increases your memory power from 20 to 30%.


Brain energy and performance can be increased through focus.

There are things that are stealing your focus.

You should notice, when you are vagrant, what is most likely the reason for your unconsciousness.

For example, you might remain annoyed all day because of a phone call.

Of course, this weakens your ability to think clearly, even if you realize what is bothering you.

Stop asking yourself (What is in my mind at this moment?) But define your goals and deal with them.

As we mentioned in the previous example, you can make your phone call or postpone it until tomorrow, and so your mind will relax.

This makes you relaxed and able to think clearly.

Use this technique to increase the capabilities of your brain.

Active your mind:

Love your mind and have fun with your emotions:

You cannot do a great job without personal achievement.

People grow by their education and creativity

Then their performance will be more and the work evaluation will be more than 127%

Rejoice in all your accomplishments.

Learn new things:

You can benefit from the wonderful effort of the brain when it learns many new things.

You may have a specific topic for work or in your spare time you want to learn more about that topic.

This is so great. Now go and learn it.

If you don’t have a topic right now, try to learn new words on a daily basis.

There is a strong link between your work on vocabulary in language and intelligence.

When you have new words in your dictionary, your mind will have new ways to understand most of the subtle difference between ideas.

Get your brain ready for learning, and this will be one of the best ways to get energy back into your brain.

Type :

There is great value in writing for yourself.

The great benefit of writing is how you broaden your capacity.

Find ways to write, by writing things to your friends so that everyone can read them, take back some childhood stories and rewrite them, or write anything, just write.

Energize your brain with essential oils:

When you feel sleepy when you listen to lectures in a continuous manner in a conference or other, you can activate your brain. If you suddenly smell the scent of lemon perfume, you will feel more alert and alert and you are better focused with the lecturer.

Aromatherapy is very beneficial to the brain.

Use it either for rejuvenation or for your relaxation.

To rejuvenate, use: mint or lemon fragrance.

For your relaxation, use: Rose.

Put a few drops of essential oils in the bathroom or around the house and it will do a magic job.

Important clarification: In the workplace, be sure first that no one is allergic to oils before you use them.

Stimulants increase brain energy:

Tea, coffee, and any beverages containing caffeine help students hold together until they score high on tests.

But caffeine has a bad effect that appears on brain energy in a long way.

That is why instead of drinking coffee and tea, drink coffee beans, ginger, or sesame salt, which increases blood flow in the brain and helps improve focus and memory.

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Save your brain:

Make everyone around you people working in all different fields.

They encourage you and stimulate your creative powers within you.

Read different magazines on various topics.

Remember that your age does not matter or what your business is.

Your mind needs to be constantly challenged and motivated in order to reach its highest level of performance.

Avoid any habit that damages your brain.

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