23 facts about the works and inventions of the artist Leonardo da Vinci

23 information about the works and inventions of the artist Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo de Sir Piero Da Vinci held Italian citizenship, Da Vinci lived in the Renaissance era, Da Vinci was not only skilled in drawing, but he had many talents, he was superior in geology and was an architect, as he was skilled in Sculpture and cartography, he was distinguished by the fact that his imagination was broad and his ambition had no limits.

23 facts about the works and inventions of the artist Leonardo da Vinci: –

  • The painting of the Virgin of the Rocks is considered to be a beautiful tablet, which da Vinci painted twice, the first time it was rejected by Da Vinci’s managers, as they described the painting as unacceptable and repulsive because it contains demonic connotations, so Da Vinci painted it again.
  • The Last Supper, which recorded the time when Jesus told the twelve apostates that among them a traitor was sitting with them to have dinner.
  • Dan Brown authored the famous novel The Da Vinci Code, in which he explained that the Last Supper plate contained secrets that Da Vinci placed inside the plate, and the novel illustrated the intelligence of Da Vinci, the plate of the Last Supper is located in St. Mary’s Hall in Milan, Italy.
  • Da Vinci’s most famous work is the Mona Lisa or Gioconda, Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa using the method of fog, which depends on not highlighting the features. Da Vinci took a long time to paint the Mona Lisa, and it was the painting closest to his heart.
  • The Mona Lisa is famous for her smile, which a person sees differently according to his psychological state. The happy person sees that the Mona Lisa is smiling at him, and in the case when the seer is sad, he sees the smile of Mona Lisa sad.
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    other information:

  • Critics have confirmed that the Mona Lisa combines the features of Da Vinci and the features of the owner of the picture, after Da Vinci finished painting the painting, he requested additional time to paint the background of the picture.
  • Da Vinci’s parachute drawing, the drawing was very accurate, as the drawing was a model parachute found in the present days.
  • One of the most important works of Da Vinci, the robot knight, which was drawn in the form of detailed drawings, this drawing proved the genius of Da Vinci, because he drew a robot already that was later animated when the model was applied.
  • Da Vinci’s ingenuity is demonstrated when the knight moves, although no application of the robot knight has been discovered in Da Vinci’s life.
  • Da Vinci drew a musical instrument called Viola Org Iniesta, which resembles a piano, which musician Slavomir Zobrichky tried to implement in reality five hundred years after the death of Da Vinci, but the project was not completed.
  • Da Vinci drew a camera that contains a hole, that camera worked in a way similar to the human eye, the camera used to receive the image inverted like the human eye, and Da Vinci explained that there is an inverse relationship in the camera with a hole between the small size of the hole and the clarity of the features of the drawing.
  • Da Vinci had a number of engineering drawings, the most important of which was the canal that linked Fiorenza and Pisa. This painting is considered the first project of Da Vinci, critics asserted that his interests changed after that.
  • Da Vinci drew the quadrangular stairs and the double stairs, which is known as the wind-powered elevator. Da Vinci thought that the winds would come to move the stairs at any time.
  • Da Vinci loved the idea of ​​flying and flying in the sky, and he used to look at birds and wished to fly in the sky like them, so Da Vinci invented a device for flying, which Da Vinci indicated in drawings that his source of inspiration is kites and bats.
  • Da Vinci invented the idea of ​​the helicopter in the fifteenth century, when he drew very precisely a blueprint for it based on a fan spinning in the air, raising the plane’s fuselage from the ground.
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    Information on the important schemes of da Vinci:

  • Da Vinci’s plans for the helicopter are in museums to this day. Scientists applied the invention of the helicopter in the nineteenth century in implementation of the plan of the engineer.
  • Da Vinci drew a blueprint for a tank that could move in all directions, and the Da Vinci tank was capable of carrying many weapons.
  • The tank that Da Vinci drew in the fifteenth century is distinguished by that it moves around itself by three hundred and sixty degrees. Da Vinci painted the tank capable of moving through levers moved by eight men in all directions to the back, forward, left and right.
  • Da Vinci designed the tank so that it could see inside the surrounding space, so that he could fire at the enemy.
  • Da Vinci was a master at making watches, as he made it characterized by accuracy, and he invented a watch that had two machines inside, one for hours and the other for minutes, he used to make that watch special screws and serrations.
  • Da Vinci was the one who recorded the possibility of using precious stones to make watches like diamonds. Da Vinci added to the watch that he invented a small tool that determines the phases of the moon in fifteen days.
  • Da Vinci intended to draw a model city that would be coherent and connected with each other, especially after the plague wiped out half of Milan’s population.
  • Da Vinci took care in a drawing of the city to have places to collect garbage and sewage channels, and Da Vinci also took care to make the city healthy, as he took care not to crowd people in it.
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    At the conclusion of our trip about 23 information about the works and inventions of the artist Leonardo da Vinci that Leonardo da Vinci was a miracle of the meanings of the word, as he was a beloved teacher and skilled in mathematics as he worked in sculpture and his designs won wide fame. Da Vinci knew that he was not satisfied with his inventions completely It was always getting him into thinking about the best.

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