22 information about the most dangerous types of mental and neurological diseases

Psychiatric illness is one of the mental disorders that occur to a person as a result of exposure to a situation, which is somewhat difficult or the person could not bear it sufficiently, which causes him to be exposed to this trauma, and the person performs strange behaviors and conflicting feelings that reach to be somewhat contradictory in one of the situations, so diseases are considered Mental health is a great science. It is difficult to diagnose the type of disease and diagnose the patient’s condition in a timely manner. We will discuss together some information about the most dangerous mental and neurological diseases and what are the types of these diseases.

The most common mental illnesses

There are some types of mental illnesses that have become widespread among people recently, so we will together learn about these diseases with knowledge of the symptoms of these most common diseases:

  • Depression disease ranks first in the most common and widespread diseases, depression is considered a chronic disease, not for a specific group, but affects adults and children, and it reaches its peak during the age of the twenties among young people, which makes them want to commit suicide or reach the point that they kill the other two, which afflicts many patients with diabetes and stroke And stroke.
  • In order to diagnose someone with depression, it is sufficient for them to have at least 4 of these symptoms.
  • And the symptoms are insomnia or being afflicted with an increase in several hours of sleep, the person becomes irritated for the most insignificant reasons, and becomes tense and increases his tension without a reason worthy of this tension and anxiety.

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The most dangerous type of obsession

In this paragraph, we will talk about the most dangerous types of obsessive disease that has become common to many people, and we will explain what is obsessive, what are its types, and its risks to the person with it and those around it:

  • The person with OCD feels that what he is doing is not in the correct manner that it should be done, and thus affects his psychological state, which increases pressure and despair on himself.
  • And obsessive-compulsive disorder becomes one of the presence of primary depression, where the person afflicts it at the beginning, which makes him ignore the idea of ​​going to the psychiatrist and feel that this is the result of weakness from him.
  • Cleaners are considered to be the most ill with obsessive disorder as they make sure that the door of the house is closed, the tap is turned off, the lights are turned off, and so on.
  • And the cleaners carry out severe cleaning for fear of bacteria, germs and diseases, and it multiplies in them until they feel discomfort and anxiety in a place with some light dust or is considered a bit unclean.
  • And there are some other types of obsessive-compulsive disorder that are considered dangerous diseases spreading, including the disease mad theft, in which the person steals everything he sees, and it is not necessary to be in need, but feels that he wants to steal it only.

Symptoms of serious mental illness

There are serious mental illnesses that may lead a person to danger to his life or danger to the lives of others, so we will together discuss these diseases with how to identify these diseases in detail:

  • Schizophrenia is considered one of the diseases that lead a person to kill the other two, because he feels that people want to kill him, which makes him kill first before he kills according to his feeling.
  • Also, the epilepsy patient kills or commits some crimes because he was not conscious at the time, which makes him do a lot of things without awareness.
  • The obsessive patient kills or pushes someone to happen without realizing and without being intentional for the occurrence of this crime, and thus becomes unconscious during the occurrence of this crime.
  • And an obsessive-compulsive patient who feels that everyone wants to eliminate him and is controlled by thoughts and becomes under great pressure, which causes him to do strange things such as suffocating someone.
  • There is a type of depression called melancholic depression, in which the patient kills the people he loves because he feels that the world is very bad and they should not live in this place.

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Symptoms of psychosomatic diseases

There are some symptoms that you must be aware of in order to examine this disease early, so we will together discuss one of the important symptoms in detail through the following points:

  • The immune system is affected by this psychological state and becomes in a continuous decline, which increases the incidence of many diseases most of the time.
  • The respiratory system is also affected by shortness of breath as a result of the lack of sufficient intake of oxygen, which results in a feeling of tightness and suffocation at times.
  • The cardiovascular system is also affected by this condition greatly, and it leads to the feeling of heart attacks sometimes.
  • And the patient suffers from sleeping diseases that cause him to sleep for long continuous hours or sleep for a few simple hours that are not enough for the body.
  • The sick person also suffers from skin diseases such as rosacea, pityriasis, and other strange skin diseases that cause itching, irritation and severe inflammation of the skin.

Causes of mental illness

Have you ever wondered about the causes of mental illnesses, and why do some people get them and others do not, together we will explain all the rational reasons that lead to mental illness:

  • There are the so-called predisposing causes of mental illness and they mean the precautionary circumstances or the circumstances that led to the occurrence of mental illness, such as the stage of adolescence in which the individual tries to prove himself or the retirement stage for the elderly, a major imbalance occurs within them and the mental illness becomes largely controlled by them.
  • There are what are called precipitating causes, and they mean the conditions that helped the emergence of this disease and its expression through the patient’s behaviors and methods of interaction with those around him in this way.
  • Psychological reasons exist and include the type of social upbringing and how to deal with people and the proper education of parents to their children in the context of love, inclusion and happiness, all of this has a great role later on, as it greatly helps in the formation of a child free of psychological defects.
  • The physical causes effectively affect the psychological state, that is, the person who has some physical defects or some birth defects is considered one of the people whose psychological state becomes unstable because of how others view them.

Symptoms of serious mental illness

We talked before about the psychosomatic symptoms, but in this paragraph we will talk about what are the serious psychological symptoms that a sick person can have and are they harmful to what is around him or not:

  • The patient feels a great distraction in his thoughts and decisions, and also feels intense emotion, tension and anxiety, which becomes one of the things inherent in this person.
  • The sick person also feels great towards those around him and feels better than everyone and the most important one.
  • His energy rises around one of the activities he does, such as intense hygiene or intense examination.
  • Gossip quickly and repeatedly without sufficient reason to talk about these matters.
  • And the person takes rapid and repeated decisions and is considered reckless.
  • Indifference and pleasure in bothering others, and feels unhappy if he performs one of the activities that please many normal people.

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At the end of our conversation, we hope that we have explained to you everything that distinguishes mental illness from other diseases, and we have explained one of them in detail.

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