21 signs you know who is selfish

If you want to know if your friend or someone is a selfish person or not, in order to prevent that person from hurting you and affecting your life. We’ll show you some of the signs that illustrate a selfish personality. Especially that the traits of the selfish character is not easy to notice because he appears most of the time a nice and lovable person, but he always tries to satisfy his own pleasures and does not consider the needs of other people and strives to disturb their comfort. Most people who have a selfish personality believe that they are better than anyone, and this is a set of signs and connotations that define a selfish personality.

Signs of a selfish personality

1. Always asking for a favor or any favors:

This is one of the most obvious signs of a selfish personality, which is that he is always asking for any favor from you. Whether it is big or small. They always need something from you, but these people are not willing to give you anything in return. So ask the favor from them and you will know if they are ready to help you or not.

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2. A selfish character believes she deserves special treatment:

A selfish person always thinks he deserves special treatment. This is a main reason why he asks you for favors or help and favors even if you do not know this person well. Mostly because they think they are better than everyone else and are not afraid to admit it out loud.

3. Appears as a Friendly Person:

Mostly a selfish person is friendly and sweet and needs you to take care of him, especially when you meet him for the first time. But once you know him well, he will appear in his lazy, isolated reality and in many times he needs care and attention and you pamper him and you must welcome him because he is in your life.

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4. He uses others:

A selfish character is fully prepared to use others and ask them to do lots of tasks out loud without fear or embarrassment. It makes others do many things that interest them, this character does not realize that what you are doing is wrong, the selfish personality considers himself a special case and that he is a special person and that you must do everything you can to make him happy.

Identify the selfish person

5. He rarely says thank you:

When you do anything to a selfish person, you rarely find him saying a word of thank you. Even if he says it, it will not be honest. Because he is not grateful for what you have done for him. He believes that he deserves special treatment from all people. Try to do anything for him and see what he will do next.

6. His character is fake:

The selfish person appears as if he is a fake personality, especially when he talks with others, at first he appears as a nice and friendly person, but when you get to know him well, you will find that he does not like you at all. Because many times this person appears to be a beautiful person, but you will know that his behavior is not sincere, and he approaches you only until he tries to use you.

7. He always tries to confuse you:

If you have a friend with a selfish personality, you will find that he is trying to confuse and confuse you. He plays with your emotions and makes you think you weren’t trying hard enough for him.

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8. He hates to work in a team:

A selfish person often has difficulty posing ideas or exchanging information between himself and others. Most of them prefer to work alone. But selfishness will be against him first. So, beware if you have someone who you know is a selfish person who may save a lot of information for himself and then in the future he can use it against you.

A selfish person hates to deal with a team or group and saves any information for himself. Sharing and giving are just words in his own dictionary.

How do I know the owner of the selfish character

1. He thinks only of himself:

A selfish person thinks only of himself. This is the basis of his selfish nature. This person does a lot of things even if it causes any problems for everyone, it does not matter to him.

2. His reaction is always negative and annoying:

He may want to blind people by giving them a negative reaction, and he may cause harm to others because of his negative reaction that frustrates them and hurts their feelings. It leads to the destruction of others’ self-confidence.

3. He gets angry when someone does not fulfill his request:

He has high expectations of what other people can do for him but if they do it he gets very angry and tense. He feels that he is not getting what he deserves.

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4. He always thinks about others and why they did not help him:

All people have problems constantly in their life, but a selfish person always thinks about why others have not helped him solve his problems and blames everyone around him and this will increase this person’s sadness and tension.

Who in your friends is a selfish person?

  • Not an honest person:

A selfish person is more likely to find any weak or insincere excuses, so that he can justify his negligence in you, or justify your forgetting, and that he does not care about your small details.

  • Don’t be grateful for the thing you do for it:

The selfish person believes that you must do your best and utmost efforts to satisfy him, but the opposite is not true, as he is not willing to expend any energy to satisfy you at the expense of his personal interests.

  • Inferiority feeling:

The selfish person suffers from a deficiency, hides within him and appears in the manner of his self-confidence, that is, he manufactures his confidence and boldness, but in reality he is trying to hide his inner deficiency in him.

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  • He feels he deserves a special treat:

This is the feeling of the selfish person, that he deserves to distinguish him from other people, he may get angry if you do not name his name by the rest of the names, or if you did not direct your conversation to him during the session.

  • Feel misplaced sensitive:

The selfish personality is characterized by a sensitivity that makes others alienate him, as he is very angry and takes any opportunity to create any problems from any unconvincing reason.

  • irresponsible:

It is impossible for you to find a selfish person who feels any responsibility towards his family, work or country. He sees that these things are levels that are second in importance, and he does not feel any duty towards them even though he always feels his full right to obtain his right and more His right.

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  • Bad judgment:

The selfish person has no insight, and this does not make him a suitable person until you take advice, wisdom, or any solutions from him.

  • Preferred to work individually:

He shies away from any actions that make him commit to teamwork, as he cannot share new and innovative information or ideas nor work with his team, and he tries to always kill their resolve until it rises at the expense of the team.

  • A person who is not open:

He is not curious about anything, wants to develop himself, or to face problems, because he thinks he is better than everyone else.

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