20 wisdom and sayings about respecting the elderly

20 wisdom and sayings about respecting the elderly, today we will present to you 20 distinct wisdoms and sayings about respecting the elderly, as respect is one of the most important qualities that every person must possess, and respect is a mutual appreciation between people, and we will learn more about Quotes that talk about respect for the elderly through this article.

Definition of respect: –

Respect is one of the values ​​that a person who has good morals possesses, and it comes in the form of a person’s respect for others in order to gain their love and appreciation, and respect is as follows: A son’s respect for his parents, a man’s respect for the woman, and also a woman’s respect for the man, respect for young people and children for the elderly. Respect makes people live happy lives.

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Respect for the elderly in Islam: –

The elderly are those who have great experience and experience in life, but despite that they suffer from weakness with their advanced age, but this is not evidence of lack of respect, but on the contrary, Islam urged us to respect them as the elderly were young one day like us and God said And then He made from a power beyond a weakness and a youth. ”Among other aspects of the elderly are:

  • The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “There is none among us who does not have mercy on our youngest and revere our eldest.” The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, believed.

20 distinguished wisdom and sayings about respecting the elderly: –

  • Aging is not a loss of youth, but rather a new phase of opportunity and strength.
  • Age is a very high price for maturity.
  • The secret of genius is to preserve the spirit of childhood into old age, which means never to lose your enthusiasm.
  • Old age with its pain is better than youth without hope.
  • After the age of thirty, the body has a mind of its own.
  • A life full of errors is more beneficial and worthy of respect than a life empty of any work.
  • Respect others, respect their feelings, respect for yourself.
  • A man without morals is a monster unleashed on this world.
  • Good manners are the best of two places, literature is the best inheritance, and success is the best leader.
  • The high nations did not rise except by working and with respect what their members do.
  • The conscious mind is able to respect an idea even if it does not believe in it.
  • We have many outstanding problems that can only be solved through apology and mutual respect, and it is in the nature of respectable people that they give respect to those who deserve it and to those who do not deserve it.
  • The lack of self-esteem and self-esteem affects all aspects of a person’s life and it is frightening.
  • Good manners are the best of two places, literature is the best inheritance, and success is the best leader. Respect for elders is something practiced by almost everyone who feels that it is an imperative duty that only a rebel will deviate from.
  • Your respect for people earns you their love, and does not make you lose your fearlessness.
  • Self-esteem permeates all aspects of your life.
  • Respect is not just an ornament, but a guardian of virtue.
  • I admit that one of the most difficult things for myself was losing my respect for a spirit for which I held so much respect.
  • Young people think that the old are fools, but the old know that the young are fools.
  • George Chapman

  • Old age is the age that is fifteen years older than my current age.
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes.

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    The most beautiful things said about the elderly: –

    • What scares me most about old age is not loneliness, but dependency.

    – Isabel Allende.

    • Some are born old, others die young.

    Shakib Arslan.

    • Old age resides more in the soul than in the body.

    Francis Bacon.

    • Calm is an aging milk.

    Thomas Jefferson

    • The old man is born twice.

    – The devil.

    • Aging is a burden on others, as it is a burden on itself.

    – Erasmus.

    • Tired of all boredom, of old men dreaming of wars, in which only men will die in the spring of youth.

    George McGovern.

    • In adulthood we walk through difficulties, but in old age difficulties go through us.

    – Beverly Sales.

    • I show the words of Hanna Qawsi, which are influential *** and white after the darkening of the hair.

    – The bug.

    • The youth are gone, so they have no return *** And the old man has come, so where is the smuggler?

    – Ali bin Abi Talib.

    • I saw gray hairs the Guani hate *** and they love young people when we were so sweet *** This gray hair makes it black *** How for us, so it stole the years.

    – Anbari.

    • And gray hairs are flowers, oh peace of a man *** The gray-haired man laughed in his head and cried.

    Dabal Al-Khuzaie.

    • Life with me began in the eighties, with it I felt that I was still that young man who had gone out to himself in the waves of the sea.

    Somerset Mom.

    Phrases of respect for the elderly: –

    • We are all well aware that respect is a psychological need for a (natural) person, just like his need for air, water and food.
    • Loving people without respect means treating them as favorite animals, and feeding them without love means treating them as despicable animals.
    • Do not try to search for the second side of anyone, even if you are sure that it is bad .. It is enough that he respects you and shows you the best side of it.
    • A life full of errors is more beneficial and worthy of respect than a life empty of any work.
    • Respect does not indicate love, it is a sign of good parenting. Respect even if you do not love.
    • Start people with peace, greet them with a smile, and pay attention to them .. so that you will be close to their hearts dear to them.
    • I respect everyone who disagrees with me as I do for all who agree with me, and I appreciate even those who are hardened or hardened.

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