18 facts you did not know about Hitler, the fiercest person in the world

18 information you do not know about Hitler, the fiercest person in the world, we will present to you 18 information that you do not know about Hitler, the fiercest person in the world. That man was mentioned in history and was known to be one of the most dictatorial figures in the field of government. You some facts about him.

About Hitler: –

Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria, and served as dictator and leader of the German Nazi Party during his time in power.

While Hitler was in power, his actions led to the outbreak of World War II, and he carried out a genocide that resulted in the killing of six million Jews and five million non-combatants.

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18 facts you did not know about Hitler, the most ferocious person in the world: –

There are many facts that some may not know about Hitler, and these are the 18 most important information you do not know about Hitler, the most ferocious person in the world:

  • Although he is a German leader, he is of Austrian descent.
  • His father was cruel to him, but despite that, he was very respectful of his parents.
  • His father wanted to become Hitler an employee, but Hitler refused that because he dreamed of being a painter, so Hitler said about himself in his book called (My Struggle) that he is an artist who misunderstood him.
  • At a young age, Hitler was greatly influenced by the Austrians, but his loyalty was to Germany, and he used the German salutation when he dealt with his friends.
  • Four of Hitler’s sisters died in infancy.
  • Hitler’s father died when Hitler was 14 years old, and he lived on Aid Days with his mother.
  • When Hitler’s mother died, he was 18 years old, and after that, Hitler tried to work as a painter who copies landscapes drawn on postcards, and he permitted these paintings to tourists.
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    Information related to Hitler:

  • He submitted himself to the Academy of Arts, but rejected him for the second time, he had exhausted all his money, and therefore he lived in a homeless shelter, and then settled in a house where the poor workers lived, and from here his aggressive and evil thoughts began.
  • Hitler volunteered to join the German army during the First World War, and he volunteered as an Austrian soldier, and he has proven his presence throughout these wars to the point that it is called (the Iron Cross).
  • When Germany was defeated in World War I, Hitler felt betrayed, and this made his character even more fierce.
  • Hitler returned to Germany after the end of the First World War, seeking to join politics, although he was not ready politically or educationally, but he succeeded in joining the Workers Party.
  • Hitler became Chairman of the Labor Party in 1921 and was nicknamed “Führer” at the time.
  • Hitler sought a coup against the government because it was not satisfied with his ideas.
  • Hitler was sentenced to about five years in prison, of which he served only five months.
  • Hitler’s time in prison completely transformed his life, making him prefer to read more about philosophical issues.
  • After Hitler was released from prison, he decided to follow the political path until he came to power and established the Nazi Party.
  • The characteristic that differentiated Hitler among the people was the ability to summon the spirit of resolve in the people.
  • After Hitler seized control of power completely, he then proceeded to reform the country from the inside, breakfast industry, and urban development, and unemployment at that time reached 0%.
  • Facts about Hitler’s life: –

    There are some facts about Hitler’s life that you may not know:

    • Hitler was born into a very poor family, his father was an employee, he was a cruel father, and his mother was very kind.
    • Hitler attended school but was not interested in education, so he did not complete his education.
    • When his father died, when he was young, he was 14, Hitler began practicing his favorite hobby that his father had prevented him from doing.
    • Hitler traveled to Vienna to attend the Faculty of Arts, but he was rejected by this university.
    • After that, Hitler decided to move to Germany, but at the time of his move World War I broke out, and a volunteer entered this war in the German army.
    • He demonstrated apparent war prowess that brought him to the rank of corporal, but in 1918, the time of the armistice between the two wars, Hitler was temporarily blind.
    • Hitler worked as an informant for the army and for spying on parties, and for this reason he was expelled from the army and later joined the Workers’ Party, and this party was very hate for politicians.

    Hitler’s defeat and death: –

    At the end of 1944, the Red Army sent the German army to Europe, and at the same time the Allies advanced towards Germany, and Hitler had realized the defeat of the Germans in, but he did not surrender, and the massacres continued and many human beings were lost because of Hitler’s stubbornness.

    Hitler hoped that a reconciliation would happen between the Germans, America and Britain, but this did not happen, and when the circumstances got worse, Hitler and his wife committed suicide, so his wife committed suicide by swallowing poison pills, and Hitler shot himself by using a special pistol and Hitler died in the last April of a year. 1945.

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    Thus, we have discussed with you 18 information that you do not know about Hitler, the most ferocious person in the world, and some facts about Hitler’s life, in addition to knowing the way Hitler died. We hope that the topic you like.

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