15 ways to get rid of fear forever

Overcoming your sense of fear is a skill in and of itself that anyone can learn. The problem is that most people hold onto their fears because it has now become a part of them. If you are not ready to start letting go of your fear, it is time to be ready to take this step.

How to start ways to get rid of fear? Let’s start right now:

1. Your awareness of fear:

Before you can begin to overcome the feeling of fear, you have to know well that fear is the one that causes you all this chaos in your life, you have to be a person aware of what your sense of fear causes.

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2. Define your fear:

You must define exactly what you are afraid of, just relax and focus on yourself. What are you afraid of? As if you are observing yourself from the inside, this may take some time to determine what you are afraid of, so give it the necessary time.

3. Curiosity:

There is an English proverb that says (Curiosity kills a cat) and this example clicks to warn of curiosity that leads a person to harm. So you have to use curiosity to kill your fear, as you search for thoughts that generate fear? Where is your sense of fear and how do you react to this matter? And again you must watch everything that happens.

4. Do the work:

It is one of the things that reduces your tension and anxiety and removes your sense of fear because you are focusing on something other than your sense of fear itself.

5. Hypnosis:

I think you have heard it before, this treatment is now spread all over the world, with hypnosis you can program your brain with positive thoughts and eliminate any negative thoughts.

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Ways to control your fear:

6. Write your diary:

Write all of your fears in your diary so that you enumerate them and recognize their times and causes. The more you enumerate them, the more you will be able to actually eliminate them.

7. Talking:

Do not carry all your negativities and do not be afraid to talk about them to anyone you trust, because talking will help you and empty everything in your heart, so do not suppress your feelings.

8. Processing:

You can find a good therapist, find a therapist, for example. Don’t be hesitant about it if you get to the point of getting tired of the phobia itself.

9. Neurolinguistic programming: NLP

It is the acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, there are many books on this science and many lectures, this science will make you learn how the mind works and teach you how to eliminate your fears and problems, and this science has helped thousands of people.

10. Read:

You can read good books that talk about one of your fears and how to get rid of your sense of fear, as this may open up horizons for you to know what you are facing and some good solutions.

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Appropriate ways to overcome fear:

1. Take action:

If you know that fear is nothing but a fear created by your imagination, then when you take measures for it you will be able to face your fear or reduce it until you completely kill it and thus it will become weaker and weaker ..

2. Watch:

You can watch a documentary that is useful as you read books that talk about your fears, so you can also search for documentaries that talk about your fears as well, for example the episode of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feki, may God have mercy on him, which is the episode of eliminating fear.

3. Follow a diet:

Did you know that the food you eat can greatly affect how you feel? Yes, your body has to have a balanced diet in order to function well.

4. Remind yourself of positive things:

The higher your heart rate, the more your facial features change. Instead of thinking about bad things that could happen to you, remind yourself of positive things, tell yourself that you can and your body will amaze you at how well it responds to what you say to him.

5. Write your story:

Write the story of your fears as if it were a movie and how you managed to overcome them completely, even if you did not find a final solution to them, write any solution that you find the appropriate solution now. You could read this script that you wrote a year or several years later and you will laugh at everything you’ve written about your fears.

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Get rid of your fear easily:

1. Help others:

Help others in their work instead of staying in the shell, as this will make you feel very happy and increase your self-confidence.

2. Talk with a model:

Talk to someone who has a sense of fear from your same fear and has been able to get rid of it. Ask that person to help you and learn from him how to use his strategy to get rid of your fear.

3. Religion:

The religious aspect has a role in everything. We have five daily prayers, so perform their prayers in the mosque, at this time all your fears will disappear and give you a feeling of reassurance first because you are standing before your Lord, secondly you are with your Muslim sisters, this helps raise your confidence, and thirdly your presence inside the mosque {and whoever enters The mosque is safe.} So preserve your religious side and read the daily roses from the Holy Quran every day, ask forgiveness a lot and you will see the difference.

4. What is the worst thing?

What is the worst thing that could happen to you? If you feel afraid of confrontation then the worst thing about it is that it is possible to hit? How did you feel at the time? This might be the best thing to happen to you, are you now alive? So keep going.

5. Practice yoga:

Do meditation exercises daily, this will make you feel much better, regulate your heartbeat and reduce your anxiety, tension and fear. Make this a daily part of your life or a habit and you will notice a dramatic improvement in only a few months.

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6. Understand failure:

When you realize that failure is not the end of the world, but rather that it is just a point until you go ahead and achieve your success, your failure is not a shame, but you are just not ready for success, so try again.

7. Explore the roots of your fear:

What are the roots of your fears? This takes some meditation and some focus. Take a look inside, and then ask yourself how did your sense of fear begin? And where did you start feeling afraid of for the first time. Maybe you’ve been young at this time?

8. Breathe well:

It is your breathing that will help you conquer your fear, the strength of your breathing will help you. Deep breathing is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to overcome your fear.

In conclusion, overcoming your fears is an acquired skill. Sometimes this takes time, and you will be able to get rid of your fears when the right time comes. When you read this article, you have already taken the first step. The second step is to take action using any of these methods that we have mentioned.

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