14 Steps to Treating Anger in Psychology

There is no person who has not had a moment of intense anger, or the feeling of the urge to break and burn everything that is around you. The intensity of anger differs from one person to another, for there are some people who get angry for a short period and then calm down afterwards, and there are some people who need a lot of time to calm down and return to a normal state, and each person’s control over his anger is different from the other, and there are some people who They try to control anger in front of others and try to hide anger as much as possible from people, but there are also some people who are unable to control anger or control themselves during anger, they may scream or break everything around them or they may harm themselves or harm others .

There are several reasons that make you feel very angry, including the lack of your money and your poor financial condition, or because of someone’s betrayal of you, or because of psychological pressure due to the accumulated work, and whatever the reasons for your anger differ, you should not let it control you and worsen your psychological state, and so that you do not do anything that makes you regret In the future, because a person in the time of anger says and does things he is not expected to do one day, because the angry person is not fully conscious, so you must train in treating your anger and how to control yourself in the time of anger, in order to avoid problems You will not cause it to yourself in the future.

Anger treatment method:

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So that you can treat anger and be able to control yourself, here are some tips:

  • Remember God a lot and ask for forgiveness when you are upset about anything, so that your anger is not provoked and you cannot control yourself.
  • Stay away from anywhere or anyone who makes you angry or more angry so that you do not lose your temper and do something you regret afterward.
  • Try not to move a lot so that your anger does not increase, preferably if you sit in a quiet place and away from the cause of your anger so that it does not increase and you do not feel tension.
  • When you sit alone, review and blame yourself for everything that you have done and feel that you have annoyed those around you or hurt them, whether by word or deed, until you feel the ugliness of anger and the bad actions that you have done and cause you to lose the closest people to you and cause them to distance them from you.
  • How do you control your anger?

    Always be aware that your shouting loudly and not controlling yourself is an expression of your weakness and that this will not increase your power in front of others, but rather it will reduce their respect for you and will make many people avoid you.

    Do not let weakness overcome you, but be sure to always be the owner of a strong personality that can control your anger and control your mood.

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    Remember the negative impact on you and your health and your family and friends due to anger, so that you train yourself to avoid anger and solve all problems calmly so that you can solve them, because in the case of anger no one can think and cannot solve the problem, no matter how small or big, but when You begin to think quietly, as this will help you a lot to reach a solution quickly and overcome any consequences that you may face in your life.

    How to treat anger:

    1. Be aware that God rewards someone who controls his anger and controls himself because all this indicates the strength of your faith in him, because in a time of anger, a person may make mistakes without feeling because he is completely unconscious of what he is doing, and the devil whispers to him until he does Things that anger God for him.

    2. If you feel tired, it is preferable to avoid any discussion of any matter that may cause your anger. Rather, go and take a rest, and then do this discussion and think about everything you want calmly so that you are not exposed to a situation that anger you.

    3. There are some people who may deliberately provoke your anger, especially when they notice that you are a person that gets angry quickly and may feel the joy of your anger, but do not leave them an opportunity to underestimate you and take advantage of your weaknesses and it is preferable that you move away from them and go to sit in any comfortable and quiet place so as not to give Any room for anyone to make you angry.

    4. Be a tolerant and patient person for everyone and keep away from hatred or bad faith, so that you do not deal with anyone with hatred or hatred and do not feel that no one loves you and do not let bad thoughts overcome you.

    5. Assume good intentions and make excuses to others and discuss and try to understand from others the reason for what he did, so that you do not get angry for no reason because some people may do anything in good faith and you understand it with bad faith. This is why you have to understand things and know the interpretation of any behavior that takes place From anyone but you.

    6. Do not utter any bad words or inappropriate words so that your anger does not increase and you will not be able to control your action, but try to speak calmly and do not leave yourself to the excitement and remember God and seek refuge from the accursed Satan before the anger takes hold of you.

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    Follow the steps to treat anger:

    7. Be a wise and balanced person and think about each word before saying it and think about its results so that you do not fall into any problem, and always be aware that your sitting and thinking about solving the problem is better than your anger and your emotion without finding a solution to it.

    8. Anger greatly affects your health and may cause you to suffer from stress, diabetes, or stroke, God forbid, because the many emotions affect your health negatively, as it increases your blood pressure or sugar during anger.

    9. Maintain your prayers and your reading of the Qur’an and always remember God, because remembering God forbids you from anger and helps you to control yourself and stay away from anger as much as possible.

    10. Whatever the reason that angered you, be aware that there is nothing in this world that deserves your annoyance for it and that you remain always tense and unhappy.

    11. These were the best advice that would help you to control your anger and stay away from it. You must have the strong will and determination to keep you away from anger and to control yourself and control your nerves during anger.

    12. The more you are a caring, patient and calm person, you will maintain your peace of mind and happiness with life and overcome any problems you may face in your life.

    13. There is no person who is not exposed to problems, everyone has problems of his own, but the way they accept these problems differs from one person to another and their way of thinking about them or solving them.

    14. When you find a happy person who does not appear tired or angry permanently, do not think that this person is not exposed to problems in his life, but is exposed to many problems, but he accepts them with open arms and seeks to solve them and get rid of them in the right way and also benefit from any mistake he may have committed until Do not repeat the same problem again, for this you must accept the problems calmly, in order to help you get rid of these problems calmly and do not bother yourself.

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