14 information about the hobby of drawing and how to convert it into a craft to work with

14 information about the hobby of drawing and how to convert it into a craft to work with.Today we will offer you 14 information about the hobby of drawing and how to convert it into a craft to work with, as God Almighty gives every person a talent that is unique to others, and one of the most important and best talents is the talent of drawing, as Drawing has a prominent position since ancient times as it expresses peoples’ cultures, and we will learn more through this article.

Definition of the art of drawing: –

  • Drawing is one of the best hobbies that can express the feelings and ideas that revolve inside a person. It is also possible to draw in many colors such as oil colors, watercolors, and ink, and it is also possible to paint on walls, and this is one of the most important arts practiced by many people It is also one of the finest types of art.
  • Since ancient times, man has been drawing everything around him, whether it is something that expresses beauty or fear, as man in the Stone Age used to draw all that hurts him or happy on the walls that live inside their caves, and this is in order to reduce his fear of those animals .
  • A person who has a hobby of drawing is a human being characterized by the thinnest feelings and sensations, as he has two eyes that capture the fine details, because drawing is not only about taking the external shape, but rather it is an overlap in the internal matters in order to complete the work in a wonderful way and all this appears from the drawings .
  • Drawing is one of the best tools for expressing matters as there are drawings that express more than words, sayings and expressions, and it has become a way to ridicule many of the events that a person is going through at the present time, and this came in the research on this topic 14 information about the hobby of drawing and how Turn it into a craft to work with.
  • The Egyptian pharaohs are among the oldest in the drawing and inscriptions on the walls and on the pots, and these inscriptions increase the value of these things, and these drawings are what enable a person at the present time to discover many graves, so the drawing is an important message expressing things and discovery that cannot be reached To it except through him.
  • Spanish painter Pablo says that drawing is another way to write notes, so drawing is one of the best hobbies that combine feelings, feelings, and inner and outer beauty.

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The importance of drawing: –

  • There are many styles of painting, as this multiplicity came according to the number of private schools, as there are painters belonging to classical schools, and there are those who belong to a symbolic school, and each painter is unique with the characteristics of the school he belongs to.
  • There are many painters who have become famous for this craft throughout the ages, such as, Picasso, Horst Janssen, Pissarro, Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Drawing is one of the most important tools of expression, as it is used to express all the different ideas that are intertwined with the minds of man, and it has a great impact on those who see it visually, and drawing was not only a tool for entertainment, but it can be used to express recent political events in a period of Time, and he mentioned this in studies on 14 facts about the hobby of drawing and how to turn it into a craft to work with.
  • Drawing is used to express victory, persistence, determination, love, failure, and all things that a person feels or is exposed to, and drawing is one of the things that make imagination come to life, so there are many people who suffer from depression sometimes we find them drawing from what is in their imagination In order to get out of their condition, then drawing is an attractive condition that makes a person enjoy it.

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The factors that make you turn drawing into a craft: –

Dear reader, in order for you to enjoy the idea of ​​drawing and can also turn drawing into a work letter, you must take care of both:

1. Knowing the types of drawing: –

There are many types of drawing, including:


It is one of the most important types of drawing as it conveys the image with its realism as it is. From the schools to which this type of drawing belongs is realism and portraiture. Those who work in this drawing are called “plastic painter”.


One of the types of drawing that is expressed in lines, and is not drawn on paper only, but on metal and wood, and can be drawn without the use of colors is based on a pencil or ink.


It is the drawing that the artist draws from his imagination, and it may be unknown to people, such as combining pictures with each other or mixing shapes, and a person draws them for the sake of a goal within himself only.

Pointillism or impressionism:

It is a dotting brush head quickly, as it depends on the colors and also shades in order to clarify the painting and its fine details, and the decorative drawing which combines colors and steps, and the caricature is a satirical or comic drawing which is published in magazines and newspapers.

2. Knowing the methods of learning drawing: –

Relying on drawing simple shapes through which he knows the angles and sides that follow it, and it is necessary to use a light pencil so that if any error occurs in the drawing, it can be removed easily, and when training is done on that, the painter will advance to drawing from his imagination, and this helps him to master this profession .

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This was a brief summary of 14 information about the hobby of drawing and how to turn it into a craft to work with, as children from a young age the first thing they do is simple drawing on paper, but it is necessary to pay attention to this as the child can become a great painter in the future, so we are waiting for your contributions and comments In connection with this article.

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