13 tips for overcoming fear when confronting an audience

You are not the only person who feels nervous and afraid of any presentation. Surveys have shown that a person’s fear of speaking in front of audiences is one of the most common fears after fear of death.

Speaking in front of the masses is one of the skills that are most required in order to advance in any job even if you do not have any technical skills, so you can use this point in order to market yourself to yourself and even start new businesses by expanding the circle of your social relationships.

On the personal level, this skill strengthens your self-confidence in order to make you progress within your social life, so I offer you the most important advice that will help you overcome that fear and move to the path of success.

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How to overcome fear when facing the audience?

1. Be ready to present:

Do not wait until you stand on the stage until you are ready for everything that you will do, for you must prepare well for everything that you will display and divide it into basic and specific points that are easy for you to remember and read them many times in front of your friends so that you know the mistakes that you have made in order to avoid them On the day of the show.

2. Know all your concerns:

It is very important that you know that the fear that afflicts you is a natural thing when you speak any word during the presence of a large crowd, all this is due to the adrenaline hormone and it stimulates areas inside the brain to attack or escape from situations, so if you feel that you are in trouble, you must To tell yourself that their eyes are not a problem at all, they are people who only want to learn and then you will feel well.

3. Enjoy the time before you go to the show:

Before going to the show, you should practice the activities that you love with your friends in order to reduce your tension and anxiety, and you will feel that all things are excellent or watch some comic clips if you want, so it is very important that you do not stay in your home thinking about the show, what will happen tomorrow and how you will look, all things That works for you and helps you relax, you should do it. You can follow the method of the famous star Yul Brainer, as he used to push the wall with his hands, this eliminates all your fear and anxiety, or listen to quiet music, as psychological studies have clarified positive results that result from listening to music, so you get a feeling of pride and enthusiasm.

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Steps to not be afraid of while speaking in front of everyone:

1. You should be yourself:

Do not feel that your level should be higher than the masses so that you take it as a serious matter, because when you are automatic in dealing, your tension will decrease and you will feel in a better condition, and if you feel nervous or nervous, make sure that no one notices your anxiety so that the matter does not get worse.

2. Use jokes while you talk:

I do not mean that your speech should contain a lot of jokes, but use some of the jokes during your speech in order to encourage the masses to participate with you and relieve the bad and turbulent atmosphere, and remember well that you cannot make jokes while you are using someone from the audience, because you will lose your respect And certainly no one wants that.

3. Don’t talk too much:

Do not prolong your speech, as it is one of the best ways to attract the attention of your audience and keep them away from boredom. And when you notice their facial expressions expressing their feeling of boredom, do not think too much about this matter because it is difficult to satisfy all people and do not let any of the negative reactions reflect on your speech and your performance.

4. Take some time off:

After you explain and explain each point, you must stop until you do the famous breathing exercises, this will help you relieve your tension and anxiety, just close your eyes and breathe slowly and imagine that you are hanging from the ceiling with thin strings, until after only 6 seconds of exhaling you feel relaxed. It will make it clear to your audience that you are a confident person who does not want to end your speech quickly.

How do I overcome my fear while speaking in front of the audience?

  • Do not try to sell anything:

It is not polite or polite to attempt to sell any product during your promotion, your presence on the platform is sufficient publicity if you want to promote a specific product.

  • Be prepared to make mistakes:

It is not a shame to make mistakes as long as you learn, for anybody’s first speech will always be full of mistakes and stumbling blocks, so do not worry if you cannot speak like the top speakers at this time, and be sure that you will improve after time, as you are not the only person who He makes mistakes, and everyone we see now makes mistakes, but they do not pay attention to those mistakes and do not give much of your focus to this matter, and be aware that if you are not willing to make serious mistakes, you will not be able to improve yourself and you will not be like the person you have always been. You want to be like him.

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How to become a good speaker in front of the audience?

1. Share your conversation with your audience:

Do not leave the audience afraid of you, because giving a lecture is like a conversation in a group, but it is with many people, of course you are the only talker, but there are those who listen to you and want to feel that you are interested in their presence and that you are sharing the dialogue.

2. Focus on your audience:

Sometimes you are told that avoiding looking at the audience and directing your eyes to another place in the room will reduce all of your fears, but it will not help. The correct way to help is to focus your gaze on the audience in order to attract them to your speech and thoughts, instead of focusing on the tension and suspicion within you.

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3. Practice in front of a mirror:

If you cannot deliver your speech in front of your own mirror, then you cannot do it in front of all people, so you must practice very much.

And notice carefully that your body language will give an impression of you to the audience and this will depend on the sincerity of what you say. That is why if your facial features appear nervous or excited, this will affect your speech.

4. Introduction to Attention:

Your nerves are at their worst during the first minutes of your speech, so how will you be able to perform during this time the introduction is what will determine the course of the conversation?

You have to be aware that all your inner fears were not seen by anyone but you and did not know them, as they are just illusions that have no basis in truth, so do not care except what you will say at the beginning of your speech because this is an indicator that indicates the extent of your sincerity and confidence in yourself, so always be careful That the introduction is strong.

And at the end of the topic, dear reader, you must always remember that any person who speaks politely in these present days has not been like this before, but by practicing constant and continuous exercises, he has become a tactful speaker, and he inspires many people because of his passion.

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