11 mistakes you should avoid when speaking in front of people

It is very important that you experience speaking in front of the masses, even if at least once in your life, and this requires a lot of preparation, as the nature of your work may force you to deliver some speeches continuously and in front of many people.

This will always make you in a state of anxiety and tension, and the reason is that speaking in front of an audience is one of the difficult things that needs a lot of preparation well and even avoiding making any mistakes in it or falling into any critical situations, and we will help you in this article by: Learn the most important mistakes that you must avoid while speaking in front of an audience.

1. Not adapting to the message you are delivering to your listeners:

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If you are not talking to the listeners about themselves or explaining what they want to extract from your words, then you will never be able to attract their attention.

And many of those who speak in front of people fall into a bad habit as they speak a lot of the general word, but without applying it to the listeners.

You must get to know them well, because the listeners know if you have done what you had to do in order to properly present to this conversation or not, and all this will appear in the way you speak and the way you speak that is directed to them.

In order to avoid this mistake, you must know very well who these listeners are ?? What are their interests ?? What do they want to benefit from when you talk to them ?? Through some questions you ask them and their answers.

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2. Pay attention to your wandering looks when speaking in front of people:

At the time of many of them, and even some of the speakers and professionals, they may throw their glasses quickly during their conversation among the attendees, without specifying a specific destination for their eyes or without clarifying any specific message.

You must put your eyes on a certain person from among the attendees every 3 or 4 seconds, as this period is very sufficient to complete your sentence, so you should be aware that eye contact with the attendees is a very important thing and it is one of the most important skills in speaking.

3. Do not distract your behavior:

There are approximately 20 signs of distraction, the most important of which is rubbing your hands, the speed of your movement in the coming and going, grasping anything that makes a sound, or moving the ring on the finger or licking the lips, or messing with your hair or your clothes, playing with the pen, putting you arms behind your back and many other behaviors that It can distract your listeners and make you feel nervous.

In order to avoid this, you should try to try to talk to yourself in front of a mirror so that you reduce the feeling of tension and that you can adjust your movements.

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4. Low energy while talking:

Enthusiasm in throwing something is indispensable in order to attract the attention of those present to you during your speech, because speaking with little energy inherits boredom in the listeners, and as there are many indications of that, including fixed and unexpressive expressions of the face and speaking in a single and low tone, so in order to avoid this, it must You should move through the time of the conversation and enjoy every word of it and say it to people, smile at them and make your event an expression of what is inside you.

5. Repetition when speaking in front of an audience:

Repetition may lead listeners to boredom, and the study was conducted on a presentation of 5000 companies and found that 100 of them had repeated many words with a high tone of voice, in many cases this error is common among speakers as they must raise their voices in the important parts that You want to communicate it to the listener, and at the beginning and end of the presentation, meaning that they raise your tone at least 3 times during the speech.

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6. Drowning in information:

Speaking, then speaking, then speaking and giving a lot and a lot of information during the presentation period, which gives the listeners a headache, boredom, and loss of hope in understanding, so you must rely heavily on pictures during your presentation and to address the small part of the mind.

I know that you may want to benefit a lot, but you should bear in mind that listeners have the capacity to carry all the information that you want to give them.

At this time when you activate to use the small part of the mind, you also need to activate the right part, which will respond to some activities, emotions, stories, examples, imagination, colors, as well as sounds and feelings.

In many studies it is said that the first decision he may make is based on emotions.

You must let the audience be influenced by your words and actions.

You have to be inspiring to them and love what you say so that it gives them hope.

You have to make them able to overcome fear or sadness or something like that.

7. The conversation does not contain pauses:

This is another bad habit that some of the speakers follow, or they may forget about it out of enthusiasm, which is talking for long periods without stopping.

This habit creates tension and increases the flow of adrenaline inside the body of the speaker and for the recipients as well, and makes the time passes very heavy and without much benefit.

You must give some pause during your speaking before and after speaking, it is important to give them some comfort to the recipients and to you, in order to be able to detail a lot of processing in the brain and consider it a point of transformation with your words and it also gives you some time to catch your breath and control your nerves if I was nervous.

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8. Neglecting a strong lead:

The most important part of attracting the attention of your listeners is the opening, but it is the habit of many speakers to neglect the introduction because in their view it is not important much.

Try to invest some time and effort in practicing the introductory word because it is part of your job and you should always work to remember it while speaking.

9. Use Too Much or Too Little Banquet:

It is very difficult to determine the amount of the banter in your words, especially if you are not aware of the audience.

Of course, you do not want your presentation to be boring and dry, so it is important to make the listeners laugh whatever the joke is, but this should not be too much because in the end this is a very show in which he presents a collection of some important information.

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10. Reading for the prepared presentation:

The presentation that you may prepare is important so that you do not forget everything you want to say, and it also helps the listeners to write and remember if they want, but it should not at all be a means of reading, as reading from the presentation may bored listeners.

11. Too much apology:

Maybe you are late and want to tell the listeners what happened to you, or that your trip took a lot of time and you want to explain to them what happened to you, or you want to tell them that you are tired so do not expect this presentation to be as strong as it should be.

You should not do this in any way, because an apology will generate many negative feelings among many of the attendees that you do not want to see with their faces sincerely !!

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