10 tips to get rid of stress and tension

In this age in which we live now, which is called the era of speed, there have been many tensions, pressures, and disturbances that occur on a person’s shoulders as a result of the increase in the volume of daily burdens and responsibilities that exceed one day than a day, and these pressures have caused many diseases and health crises for a person, so doctors say that 90% of Human diseases are mainly diseases as a result of stress on humans, and only 10% of them are due to organic reasons.

There are many prominent signs that appear on those suffering from stress, such as:

General fatigue, permanent fatigue and headache, sweating hands, soreness in most of the body, and there are many psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, rapid mood swings, sleep disturbance, sadness, loss of the ability to concentrate.

The behavioral symptoms such as: – Exaggerated interaction with events, frequent quarrels with others, isolation from others, resort to alcohol and drugs.

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If you suffer from these symptoms, then you are exposed to psychological pressures, anxiety and many tensions in your life, but what is the scientific definition of stress?

First: Definition of psychological stress: –

It is a type of negative energy that affects a person when exposed to severe pressures that exceed his tolerance, and it differs in its type and intensity and from person to person according to his ability to endure, and it is worth noting that a small percentage of it is beneficial to a person as it encourages him to work and fight challenges and accomplish important matters and the ability to make decisions Important and fast, but if this psychological pressure exceeds its limits, this gives the opposite effect, especially if it continues for a long time because it will cause a lot of health and psychological problems.

Second: Who are the people most exposed to stress: –

Business owners and projects are among the people most exposed to stress, and managers in general, because of the large number of burdens and responsibilities on their shoulders, such as drawing work policies, setting general goals and following them up. They are always under psychological pressure for fear of the failure of these projects.

Third: 10 tips to help you get rid of stress and tension: –

1. Start your day early: –

Many negative energy experts and psychiatry say that success at work begins with starting early at work and this will make your work done quickly instead of staying late at work and you are under pressure. Can I accomplish this during the day, and also the sooner you start, the higher your productivity and thus your income increases Then your mood improves.

2. Create realistic goals: –

Psychologists say that nervousness is the disease of managers and officials, as they always set goals that may be unrealistic and unlawful, so they must reduce their expectations to legitimate goals, which leads to a reduction in anxiety that comes from the fear of not achieving an elusive goal that cannot be achieved and this will put them under psychological pressure.

3. Create a to-do list and schedule to simplify your goals: –

Every person works in a different way than the other person, and not every action plan succeeds with all people, but each worker can develop a plan that suits him and set his priorities in the basics of work and in the things that he can do and this will make him not under psychological pressure from completing work and finishing Including them before their deadlines and all this reduces stress and psychological burden.

4. Avoid gossip and complaints: –

The frequent expression of complaints and talk about them is always a source of inconvenience to others as it sends a kind of negative energy to the person and those around him.

By avoiding constant complaints, you will be more aware in solving problems and when needed, you must meet with your superiors and talk about all realistic goals and how to work to achieve them. Learn how to separate the problems that can be solved from the general problems that have a negative impact on your life.

5. Taking breaks at work: –

Sitting for many hours on an office chair at work does not expose you to fatigue, loss of focus and tension only, but also causes chronic back pain, as well as eye strain, which stress your psyche a lot, so you must get up from your desk every half hour for five minutes.

6. Take a lunch break: –

Going out of the office every half hour at least, exposure to the sun if possible, this helps relieve stress and exhaustion. It is possible to practice yoga as it reduces psychological tension a lot, and works to straighten and extend the muscles that put pressure on the body and cause pain, and help relieve psychological tension, find a comfortable place where you eat lunch, which limits the amount of stress and tension you are exposed to.

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7. Exercise regularly: –

Experts advise that you should get 30 minutes a day to exercise, as this is beneficial for public health, especially the heart and blood vessels, in order to maintain the health of the heart and lungs, and when exercising, the body produces androgens, which works to reduce the bad effects of fatigue on the body.

8. Knowing the cause of stress and trying to get rid of it: –

When you know the cause of stress and try to change or accept it; If the work is what causes psychological stress and you are unable to change this job, then you can change the negative thoughts about that work or change your reactions to the exaggerated reactions of it, but if the reason behind the psychological pressure is the presence of negative energy and thoughts inside you, you must get rid of them and try to acquire Positive thoughts.

9. Laughter: –

Laughter helps you a lot to get rid of the negative energy and feelings that you feel and turn into positive energy, as laughter helps to secrete testosterone, the hormone of happiness, and this hormone helps you a lot to calm and relax and convert negative energy into positive energy, and it also helps blood flow in blood vessels and improve the mood.

10. Maintain a balanced diet: –

Good food organization and healthy, beneficial, balanced food helps to get enough energy to do your work, as it has been proven that eating light foods rich in carbohydrates helps improve mood and psychological energy and that eating foods rich in fat causes a tendency to depression and sadness, so be sure to eat snacks before completing tasks Going to work without a snack or on an empty stomach is not pleasant.

General tips that help you get rid of stress and improve the mood energy of the body: –

  • Take enough time out of your day and set aside for laughter once, look for any comic program or clip from YouTube or other things that make you happy in your life and do it or even a phone call to someone dear to your heart.
  • Despite all these tips, if you do not feel unhappy, change your life routine or even your job or your friends, look for any other source that brings happiness and is a target for positive energy.
  • Think well and color your life in your favorite colors. Take your family for a happy trip. Go to a resort or even to a park or an amusement park, as this will improve your mood energy and have a positive effect on you and your family.
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