10 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea

Have you heard of the Caribbean Islands? Do you want to get to know these charming areas? If the answer is yes, then you must read this article well, as it is a group of picturesque islands surrounded by clear turquoise waters from everywhere.

An introduction to the 10 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean

The beaches in these islands are charming beaches, and the nature is dazzling and unparalleled, and these islands are very suitable for couples who are planning to spend their honeymoon and are very enjoyable to spend the most beautiful romantic times?

It is also suitable for those planning holidays and vacations, as it is full of charming places in which you can relax and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and despite that many Arabs still do not know much about these islands and many Arab tourists do not intend them, so we decided to take you with us on a quick tour To the Caribbean Islands.

Caribbean islands

It is a group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea between the Americas, and these islands extend from the southeast of the US state of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and to the north of Venezuela, Colombia, South America and Mexico and are also open to the Atlantic Ocean.

Ways of arrival for tourists to the Caribbean Islands

The ways to reach these islands differ from one island to another, as some of these islands are located in easy-to-reach places and others are difficult to reach and can only be reached after a journey of misery and fatigue and a transit for several days, but it is an interesting and enjoyable journey.

But in any case, if you want to go to the Caribbean Sea, you will not find better than these islands to spend your vacation on. As for the way to arrive and book your flights, it can be through international companies through Western European countries or the United States, such as British Airways, Air France and others.

As for the method of reservation through Arab companies, you can make a reservation through one of Qatar Airways, then spend a transit, then reach the United States of America and then go to American Airlines, which is one of the islands of the Caribbean. The most fun, luxurious and beautiful way is to join one of the flights The global cruise that passes through a large group of these charming islands.

Best times and seasons when you can travel to the Caribbean Islands

The distinctive geographical location of the Caribbean Islands and the climate of this region in general is a distinctive coastal climate suitable for travel and for spending holidays and vacations throughout the year, as the temperatures on these islands range between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and it is very suitable for hiking, but the best time ever is the period between December to April, and the time from July to October is better not to go there during this period due to the possibility of possible hurricanes.

Now that we know all the information that may be important for the tourist to be aware of and become familiar with, it is now the right time to talk about the best tourist islands across the Caribbean Sea that you can spend your vacation in.

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10 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea

Cuba Island

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea in terms of its vast area, it is strange, wonderful and very strongly interesting, and this island is famous for its famous music and the great political challenges that occur in it and there are many wonderful cultural areas.

The capital of this island is Havana, which is a rare place in the world in terms of beauty, fun and civilization, and the availability of flights to it makes traveling to it easier, and it is very suitable in terms of hotel prices, as it is suitable for those wishing to spend holidays at reasonable prices as it is suitable for adventurers and explorers.

Jamaica island

The island of Jamaica was one of the most famous islands and is considered a destination for many tourists who love the clichés known about it and the songs of the famous singer Bob Marley, and there are many luxury resorts on this island that have a distinct cultural and civilized face, as well as a suitable destination for lovers of hot food, loud music and cultural adventures, and is distinguished by beauty Nature too.

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Puerto Rico

It is one of the islands within the city of San Juan, one of the most prominent islands in the United States that overlooks the Caribbean Sea, it is a sprawling colonial capital and this island is suitable for those who love the bustling life.

And for those who desire calmness and recreation, as it combines the noisy night life with the daytime calm on the shores of this island, and this island when seen at first glance will be amazed by its beauty, its material history and the rich Spanish culture and is also distinguished by the brightness of its sun, so you can lie on the sand and enjoy the vision The sun’s rays are descending on the sea.

The island of Hispaniola

It is an island shared by two countries, and the Dominican Republic is well known, as it is a large civilized country and is characterized by the prevailing culture and ancient history, which dates back to the colonial era.

This country was able to maintain its civilized appearance despite the lack of development resources, but it has resorts of great beauty, on a global level, and is very suitable for adventure lovers.

Virgin Islands, US

It is the first stop in the American Caribbean Islands, and this island is distinguished by that it has all the amenities, entertainment and shopping. It has St. Thomas Island, the commercial island and Saint Crowe, the most beautiful natural and environmental island, as it is a favorite destination for many Americans, especially lovers of fun and shopping together.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is famous for being a special destination for those wishing to spend a dreamy and very romantic honeymoon on the British Virgin Islands, but it is less wealthy than the US Virgin Islands, but it is economical for newlyweds.

It has a lot of yachts and diving centers, so it is also a distinctive island for lovers of diving and swimming and lovers of wonderful evening sunset parties.

Bonaire Island

It is a small island, but it is characterized by being one of the most interesting islands in the southern Caribbean in the Netherlands, and this island is famous for having many amazing places for diving away from the shore, and it has a wonderful history and is suitable for hikers and it is on the budget of all tourists.

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The island of Curaçao

It is a medium-sized island and was famous thanks to the beauty of its tourism, as it has a large and historic port and its beaches are isolated from the island, and this island offers a range of distinctive water activities and is preferred for diving trips and enjoying seeing coral reefs.

Haiti Island

It is one of the islands of the United States and it is very suitable for its prices compared to the rest of the islands, its capital is Port-au-Prince, and it is a suitable place to relax and is proud that it includes many picturesque historical attractions, as well as the spread of local markets and the degree of density of these beaches is very quiet and suitable for lovers of tranquility.

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Small Corn Islands

This island is characterized by its pure, charming atmosphere free of any pollutants, as this island does not have any modern means of transportation, so you can move it either on foot or by using a small bike to keep the island free of pollutants and its very small area of ​​not more than 3 km So you can fully enjoy it on foot.

Conclusion about the 10 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea

After you briefed us on the most beautiful places that are found in the Caribbean islands in terms of tourist islands or picturesque monuments that we saw through mixed images in each of the previous paragraphs, this city has a wonderful nature that delights souls in an exaggerated manner.

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