10 benefits of reading, learn about them

When was the last time you read a book or article in any magazine? Is your reading every day limited to Tweets on Twitter and Facebook? Learn about the benefits of reading with us.

Reading is a secret to the progress of all peoples and all civilizations, if you persist in reading in any field or topic you will read it, it will change you completely, it will change your life and your view of all matters will become from another perspective, and whatever we write about the benefits of reading, you will not realize all its benefits unless you practice it. By yourself then you will realize what is the importance of reading! There is a statue in Finland titled Read Even If You Drown.

Now, do you know what is the secret of the progress of the state of Japan and of all the civilizations that we may have left behind? In general, in this article we will focus on the things that will happen to you personally if you read carefully. If you are one of the people who do not practice reading every day, then you are missing out on yourselves many of the benefits of reading,

One of the most important benefits of reading

1. Stimulate my mind:

Studies have shown that keeping a person in a state of mental stimulation works to slow down or prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss, because the brain, like any muscle in the human body, needs exercises in order to maintain his mental strength and health, so reading and solving puzzles or playing chess games or other leads For this mental stimulation.

2. Reduces stress:

The amount of stress that you are exposed to in your work or during your personal relationships or other problems that you may face in your daily life, all of this will fade away once you integrate into any good novel or any good article, this will divert your focus from any stress or problems and will allow you Relaxed.

3. Knowledge:

Everything you read fills in your mind with a lot of information that you cannot know when it will be useful, and the more knowledge you possess, the more your abilities will be to deal with any challenge you face.

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Reading has many benefits

4. Increase vocabulary:

The more your reading rate increases, the more vocabulary you acquire, and using it during the conversation becomes essential. A well-educated and well-spoken person benefits from his success in any job and increases his self-confidence. People who read a lot and speak well and have a lot of knowledge in many Different subjects get promotions faster than others because they do not possess the vocabulary well.

5. Helps improve memory:

When you read a specific book, you will remember the characters, their history, their ambitions, some of the subtle details, and the plot of the story, and this will happen when you read each story, so it is very easy for the human brain to remember all of this, and it is surprising that every new story or book that is read generates new nerve pathways inside the brain. And it works to strengthen all pathways previously present in the brain, and this will contribute to restoring your memory and your mood will stabilize.

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What do we benefit from reading?

1. Reading helps strengthen thinking skills:

Have you ever read a mystery novel and reached to solve this ambiguity on your own before you finished reading the book? If the answer is yes, then this means that you have been able to employ your analytical thinking by noting any details and arranging these details until you identify the events, this ability to analyze is very useful for solving any plot in the stories and determining which of the novels are good.

2. Increase focus:

In this net-obsessed world, the attention of millions of people is distributed around different directions because everyone performs different tasks daily, for example in 5 minutes a person will divide this period between performing a work-specific task and reviewing his incoming mail or talking to his friends through the Internet or doing it By following the latest updates on Twitter, his phone, and his conversation with co-workers.

This behavior is similar to the symptoms of focus disorder with hyperactivity and reduced production, but reading books helps increase focus, try to read for 15 to 20 minutes before your work and you will be surprised by the increase in focus.

3. Improve your writing skills:

Written skills increase by increasing vocabulary and by reading good books and articles, because readers have an impact on a person’s writing skills, such as observing rhythm or writing styles, such as musicians influence each other, the great writers influence others.

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4. Quiet:

In addition to the relaxation that is associated with reading good books, it is also possible that the topic you have read gives yourselves reassurance and calm. Reading spiritual texts reduces blood pressure and gives a sense of calm, and it has also recently emerged that reading books on self-development works to help people who are suffering From a mood disorder or from a mental illness.

5. Fun for free:

Although many people like to buy a lot of books and it is considered an expensive thing, you can borrow some books from any local libraries or you can download books through the Internet, there are many sources that provide thousands of books.

6. Strengthening the brain’s nerve connections:

Reading is one of the most important activities that stimulate the human brain to perform its functions, and it also works to develop the ability of the mind to analyze and its ability to communicate, especially in children, and reading strengthens the nerve connections.

7. Intensity of focus:

Reading is one of the most important mental activities that increase focus for readers. Reading texts, analyzing them, contemplating and thinking about them helps in developing people’s contemplative and expressive skills, whether verbal or written, and then raises the levels of concentration for the person.

8. Development of human creativity capabilities:

Many mental health professionals have linked the development of a person’s creative abilities to the rate of reading, and they found it to be a positive relationship as reading and reading make readers able to think in a way that is not usual. This is due to the multiculturalism and renewal of their population.

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9. Reading activates memory:

Reading is an activity in the brain that increases the mental activity of readers, as it works to enhance all the skills of the mind, and works to reduce memory loss and prevent them from Alzheimer’s disease, and specialists have also found readers who develop Alzheimer’s late compared to those who do not read.

10. Reading helps fight stress or depression:

Reading reduces rates of depression and tension, and this is because it works to reduce negative thoughts that readers may have acquired from society and their personal life experiences, and reading lasts to reduce the incidence of neurological diseases, for example: insomnia or headaches, and even resist Depression You can create a strategic plan for reading and for the books that you want to read in all the areas you love.

11. Reading helps stimulate the mind of the reader:

The factors that stimulate the mind differ from one person to another, and reading is considered one of the most important stimuli of the mind, because the mind receives new information and assimilates it and analyzes it by those who stimulate the mind to do its work. During this period he prepares himself to enter a state of inactivity.

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