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If your always broke like me and you need cash right away the first thing you have to have is 2 valid cc's. You will need 2 because you need 1 to do the actual western union transfer and another to get the tools nessisary to do the transfer. You are going to need the following tools before you go to westernunion.com and transfer money.

1. A complete Background Check of the card holder

This is because if you are going to try and transfer anything over $100 dollars USD they will ask you various questions such as your previous address, Social security number, Date of birth, Mothers maiden name, what your middle name is, what bank issued you your credit card, etc. In order to get that kind of infomation you will need to go to a site like peoplefinders.com and it costs about $60 for the infomation you might need for western union.

2. Phone spoofer/voice changer

You will need this because western union will think you are a fraudster if you arent calling from the card holders phone number so you must use a phone spoofer service to make the caller id at western union come up with the card holders phone number. Basically trick western union into thinking your calling from the card holders house. The voice changer comes with the phone spoofer service and you need this obviously so your own voice isnt being recorded incase of an investication and also if your a male and your using a females cc to get money from wu you will want to change your voice to sound like a female.

3. Call fowarding service

This is something you will need because the phone spoofing service blocks 1800 numbers or any toll free phone number. You can only dial 10 digit numbers with phone spoofers so you have to get a call fowarding service so when you call the 10 digit number from the call forwarding service it will foward to western union.

4. Internet phone service

If you are located in europe this is a must because it will cost you too much to use the spoofer and call fowarding service and it is also not traceable. I personally use my pre-paid cell phone but i'm located in the USA.

After you have got that stuff all set up the first thing you need to do is make sure the call fowarding works and the spoofer works and comes up with whatever number you put in for the caller id. When you finally have that all set up and you have your background check all set up then you go to westernunion.com and make the transfer. After you make the transfer it will most likely say something to the affect "Transfer on hold, Please call Western Union to confirm" or something to that effect and you call them up with the caller id/spoofer and call fowarding service. n00b's to this may have some problems and might not be able to pull this off the first 10-15 times but you will get the hang of it like I did. I have done about 13 transfers and only had maybe 6 actually go though for pickup. Another thing you should get is a fake id because that will be the only way to link back to the fraudster in an investication. If you have a fake id and use it to pickup money you will most likely not get caught or it will be very hard to track you down.

Remember that you may not be successful your first few times but keep trying and when you do get a successful transfer you will be really happy. Some things I would like to point out is that first check and make sure the card your going to use is valid, I personally use yahoo wallet to verify the cc before I even think of using it. Also, to get spoofing service for caller id/voice changer I use spoofcard.com and for the call fowarding service I use is accessline.com
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Tnx, really good post. would like to know if any other countries still work with this method besides the US.
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soccerbox, speak to me on ICQ , I will let you know about other countries.
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Hey every1.

lets talk about business with moneybookers. from one cc you can make max 400gbp. ( some good bins automaticly lift cc limit up to 800e )

Okay what you need. Good socks, skype account, cc ( bin need to be better than classic :( because when you are doing mdvs bank can think that you checking cc and cc will automaticly die.) with lloyds tsb cards with all bins simple to make mdvs, but hard to deposit with classic bins. ) and sure you need a dob for checking balance and change vbv psw. :)

For example we have Barclays 4929 classic barclaycard.

What we need to do first?
Register email, check card works or no. check account balance, if we got barclaycard we calling to +441604234234.
They will ask credit number and passcode ( passcode often be a dob, except gold accs ) and you will know a account balance and availabe balance. so my card balance is 8742.27 and available 1742.39.

Next step:
Get good socks, clean pc. everything if you using not first time MB. Okay register on MB, and make MDVS.( mini deposit verification system) some card can dies after mdvs like i said before. when you got message succesful mdvs, you call to barclaycard customer services again write on keypad victims cc number and dob and listen balance. Now my card balance is 8742.27 and available balance is 1740.00 So mdvs is 2.39!

So now we are going to deposit money by cc, first they will ask mdvs , you will write 2.39 for my situation now. when put confrim and your card will be verified! so now you can deposit up to 420~ gbp. I never tried to deposit money in one time. I am always trying in 2-3 times. it is better in my opinion.

what next after verification?
You can go to deposit money. :) be careful you need to change vbv password! :) Dont forget to use card on non gambling deposit. Because many cards have restrict from gambling sites. When you deposited all limit succesful, in this ages you dont have many time to use this account ( 4-5 months ago account live was 3-7 days, now sometimes 2-4 days, sometimes just 2 hours.) so be careful and send money to yuor drop asap. ( DROP CAN BE MADE WITH FAKE DOCUMENTS AND GET A MASTERCARD Many drops gets block after 3-4 succesful transfers of 400gbp. but now my few drops get block after 1 trf :( )

So thats all about mb. Lets try to do some money :)

Some other bank numbers:
LLOYDS: 08453000000
Barclays: 01604234234
Nationwide: 08457998899
Natwest: 08703331993
MBNA: 0800062062
Halifax: 08457293949
rbs: 08709070010


for help contact me.

(c) Shoe for carding.su
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thank !!!
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Nice tut. bro.
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Can i do this trick with moneybookers using usa enroll, to see balance before and after mdvs and then confirm my account ?
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