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Let's look at how to open a studio for adult sites namely webcam chat and what you need to know
In this business you can earn good money!
But as always there are nuances. All I will tell you from my own experience

What you will need:
1) passport important to keep it somewhere so as not to lose
2) equipment - a PC and not one, preferably powerful webcam namely Logitech pro9000 or Logitech c910 these cameras are recommended
3) Models - chicks-camgirl. Probably the most important thing in this business

Let's start:
I think you all know that business is not in all countries is legal
In my country, there are at least two articles that falls under the scope of our work
1) do not pay taxes
2) virtual prostitution
But if you do it right you can openly talk about it

1) the models do not need to know each other
2) they need to know that the work is not legal (this will only increase their desire to work and prevent various attempts to get away from the studio)
3) Model rents an apartment lonely
This is good so that she would have to work to pay the bills
4) paid models 50/50 but everyone decides for himself.
Make your Statement formal model form which will be the signature model of what she is willing to work with you (as it is) and it's for our safety net

Registration on the site:
1) I recommend livejasmin, streamray, myfreecams And do not forget to SAVE it, we may need to further
2) making the first account (the studio for the Saite livesmin)
need 3 photos to the first model photo 1 - passport, 2 photos - passport in hand near the face model, photo 3 - only the face heifer.
3) after the registration of the first model of the site offers ways to withdraw money choose our favorite Payoneer checking in with our fake passport (get it at your address without any problems)

That's all we have a studio
and so how much you can earn, A LOT! model of good practice does Minimal $ 2000 = $ 1000 Your two weeks

screenshot of earnings in my studio

On the websites of the models need to raise rating and how to do it?
1) CC
2) straight arms
3) not impudent not to ban a model
4) to make a break one period (two weeks)
derive their profits from this

I do not recommend to change the names of the studio on different sites.
Recommend each site to register a new payoneer.
always looking for models.
Always pay model her money.

Well that's all

Written for carderpro
Author: Skeep
Лично я вкладываю деньги в водку! Где еще можно получить 40%?
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