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Originally Posted by skazzi View Post
I was talking to a hacker recently (note that theres difference between hackers & carders) and he was telling me that Carding is dead (lol) that you cant make orders now without fullz and that they are calling banks etc (lol)

Hes not a bad hackers but..
I hate people who dont know what they are talking about

Keep it in head - CARDING is not dead, its YOU in this industry if u dont stay UPDATED with the carding scene.

Share your feelings about carding..
point is on point!!!! as were there is a program (meaning payment systems) there is one(HACKERS);) who can acesss it!!!!!SO cArDing not DeAd....thus forth!!!!! peace happy long carding.......
for the love of money is all we have in this life...sad but true!!!!